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Bill Collier- Hollywood, as a brand, is now too closely aligned with perceived America-hating liberals. Over half the country is literally fed up with their pontificating. When you shut off 50% of the market, it’s bad. Imagine that. This doesn’t mean half the country has tuned out, but it could get to that point. The NFL is closely following this downward spiral into partisan political branding.

You see, the whole idea about bread and circuses was that they are a distraction from worries and politics. But the left can’t stop itself from taking over a platform, or creating one, attracting a large audience, and then just turning it into a ministry of enlightenment. They take the transpartisan popularity of movie stars and sports heroes to mean these same people will be able to turn their following into political supporters for the star’s party or cause of choice.

People didn’t follow gladiators or charioteers for their commentary on the Roman Senate. The people of Byzantine rooted for Red or Green based solely on the chariot races each of these teams ran, and they were rabid fans. Wisely, the athletes stuck with athletics.

Our stars gain a platform and a following for talent or prowess, and then they assume they can use that platform for their “issues.” They even feel they have a moral obligation to do so. And since the politics in all those places is monochromatic in the extreme, there are no adults in the room to say “this is going to soften your support and reduce your audience.”

Call it what you will, but if you make a living pleasing a crowd with your acting or your sport and then you think they should listen to you lecture and insult them about their politics, you lose.

Yes, the public only wants you to perform like a circus animal for them, although they are willing to gild your cage rather nicely. The bottom line is, if you want to be a millionaire star or athlete, you should pretty much give up in having a voice in politics until you don’t need the money. Stay in the cage of just being entertaining, because that’s all at least half your audience wants.

But for studios and sports leagues, while their talent may not care about losing audience, because they have already made their coin, the fallout hits the bosses of that talent who STILL need a big audience.

I think the only stars who can speak about politics are conservative country singers. In fact, they might make even more money, because their audience are almost totally conservative. But most country stars don’t do conservative politics, and some have cratered their career, like the Dixie Chicks, with their lurch to the left.

By the way, the Dixie Chicks already made their coin, it’s the music label and all the roadies and crew who got hurt in that deal.

People want bread and circuses, they want to escape, and if they want politics, it is only an affirmation of their politics that is acceptable. It may be shallow and you as a star make feel like a well paid circus animal doing tricks and nobody loves you for your mind, but it is how it is. Nobody loves you for your mind. Sorry not sorry, as you sit in a mansion and I worry about whether I’ll have enough coin to cover the next month’s expenses.

The NFL now wants to give their leftwing players a platform for their issues during the game, so they’ll stop messing up the national anthem for the majority of fans who have been sold football with a side order of hard core patriotism. Make no mistake, this is not about raising awareness of issues, it is pushing a partisan and leftwing agenda on the basis of an inner city crisis stewarded over by the leftist politicians who run all those cities. If you really want a change, stop thinking socialism is the amswer!

Roger Goodall doesn’t need any more money: he’s made over $200 million in 7 years. He has no worries, but his politics are worn on his sleeve, and the team owners are going to pay the price.

Now some team owners may not care. But eventually people on the right are going to move on. The NFL will preach to a reduced audience who quite like their leftist views affirmed. I don’t think it will be enough to keep the league alive. But we’ll see.

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Picture: a meme calling for a boycott of the NFL