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Left Distances Itself From Lefty Anarcho-Racist

Freedomist calls for death penalty for the Gifford shooter, and prays she recovers and has a long and successful career.

Mixing Karl Marx with the channeled ghost of Adolph Hitler, a man some now claim has always been a “leftist activist” is being disowned by the same leftist crowd that was initially ready to crown him as unofficial head of all things conservative.

Jerrod Laugner didn’t like the flag, he didn’t like the free market, he thought communism was great, and he hated minorities. So, what label does he get to wear?

Clearly he is a leftist in most aspects of his ideology, and clearly, from his rantings, he is an anarchist, and yet he also seems to be a racist- the kind of man who would just as soon as spit in my Hispanic wife’s face as give her the time of day.

When news of the Gifford shooting broke, the left, and MSNBC, wanted to make this all about opposition to her vote on ObamaCare and her own father’s unfortunate remarks about the “Tea Party” being her “enemy.” Quickly the leftists were beating the dreams, setting up a narrative that somehow this poor Congresswomen and all the other inocents was the victim of “Tea Party Rage.”

As it turns out, they were wrong, as often they are, and now they want to cry “unfair” when the would-be assassin’s ideology is brought out into the open. Now it’s “not polite” to talk about the shooter’s ideology, now it’s somehow “off limits.”

So they say.

It’s not off limits, the man’s predilection towards communism, anarchism, and nazism are all fair game. Nobody thinks the fruits of communist, anarchist, and nazi ideology are anything but bad for everyone.

What the left wanted to do, if they could have painted this dirtbag as a “conservative”, is to use this horrible shooting to convince people that Tea Party people are “all like this.” It’s as if people are going to go along with socialism just because someone whom the left wanted to label a “Tea Party member” did such a bad thing.

Look in history for Tea Partiers who believed in limited government and the free market. They never went out and enslaved people or murdered them. Of course, the left would love to accuse the heirs of Lincoln of being the heirs of the Democratic Party of Jefferson Davis, just like they wanted to use this character to smear and defame conservatives.

Nazis, Communists, and Anarchists, all of whom have far more in common with progressives in the left then with Tea Party people, have done some pretty awful and inexcusable things in the name of their whacked-out ideology.

Whatever anyone’s stated ideology, Jerrod is a dirtbag who killed people and tried to kill a decent lady who was a respected leader, elected by her constituents. As far as we are concerned, this piece of work deserves the death penalty.

Look at his videos: