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Paul Gordon Collier

get covered

ABC 27 has a report about a woman, Mary Parks, 34, of Carlisle, PA, who was promised healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, only to find that she was not covered.

Mary suffers from binge eating, which has caused her to balloon to a life-threatening 500 lbs.  After the Affordable Care Act passed, she assumed she would be covered because Insurance companies could no longer reject her due to pre-existing conditions.

The Carlisle, PA community rallied to purchase insurance for Mary so she could get treatment.  Everyone thought this was a happy ending just waiting to happen.  From ABC 27:

After driving her friend 1,200 miles to the Florida facility to start treatment, the insurance company backed out.

“They said she is not a danger to herself or anyone else so she does not need a 24 hour facility,” said LaMarche.

When her friends back at home heard the news that Mary may have to return home they were devastated.

After Mary returned, the community was devastated, wondering how the insurance company was able to cancel Mary’s treatment after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The insurance company appears to have found a loophole in the 2000 page legislation that allows them to reject Mary’s treatment.

Not to be defeated, the community is now rallying to raise the funds to pay for Mary’s treatment, with or without insurance coverage.

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