- A People-Powered Free Press And A Bill of Rights Initiative

John Boehner and Barack Obama are the dual faces of a depraved, corrupt, and godless Politocracy built on racism, exploitation, and the slave-state mentality. These men and their comrades are fighting each other for control that they have both stolen from the People.

john boehner barack obama politocracy

What is this Politocracy? It is a corporate-powered politics controlled by the elite in an environment where politics dominates everything and the People control almost nothing. It’s corporate-powered party press is in direct opposition to our people-powered free press: they don’t believe we even have a right to exist! The corporate-powered party press pushes the Politocracy’s lies as truth and freedomism’s truths as if they were lies.

That is the true ideology of the two Parties and their corporate-powered party press- they are the Parties of Politocracy! Take from those who work and give to those who don’t, that is their program!

Freedomism based on a balance of virtue, liberty, and independence where politics is controlled by the People and where very little in life is political is the only alternative to Politocracy. Our ideology is for the People, for their freedom, and against this growing two-party godless Politocracy.

Where do you stand: For Freedom (that’s why we use the name Freedomist) or with the Politocracy?

john boehner barack obama politocracy 2