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Hello friends and associates of The Freedomist!

During the next few weeks you will hear more and more about the Freedomist and some of the things we are doing and have been doing to help stem the tide of anti-Freedomism in America. As a MEDIA entity, still protected by the 1st amendment, we rely on the open and free market and neither donations nor grants.

We have developed a substantial and unique information package, sans the bells and whistles but with even more of the hard-hitting, often FIRST and foremost, reporting on news, events, and issues that effect your freedom and your political activist efforts.

This is the Freedomist package I was telling many of you about, this could help folks quickly bone up on political activist options (so please recommend it to people who want to engage but need some help and direction) and ideas that work and take little time or effort, and, of course, it supports the work we do to try and fight against the forces of decadence and corruption that infest our political system.

It is also designed for the busy activist or professional who needs to know NOW what’s coming down the pike tomorrow, and it’s an opportunity for those who appreciate our work, which as some of you know is often unnoticed but at times of decisive importance, to support us.

YOU ARE NOT JOINING ANYTHING or endorsing anything and subscriptions are confidential. 

Bill Collier

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