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The Price for Progressive Idol Worship– How progressive definitions of ‘just economies’ define their godless idolotry of man-

Sepparation of Progressive and State – Public employee uses paid time to push progressive agenda online-

The Fluke that landed a Big Fish– The real Sandra Fluke and the progressive fishing expedition she was the worm for-



Progressive Idols- State Gods and Corporate Gods

The Golden Calf of the Progressive Left and Right- Paul Collier- response to- @ProgressiveTT

The Golden Calf of the Progressive Left and Right- Paul Collier- Progressives are inviting one another to debate the progressive economic model and justify it in terms of freedom, to take back the language of freedom from those hard conservatives who seek to empower corporations and limit government (their language)- A key phrase in the article that @ProgressiveTT tweets is this- “We are free when we can act as politically empowered citizens, holding government accountable, and pushing the state to create a more just economy.” I believe the key phrase here is “create a more just economy”- Continue reading → Read more at


Public pays for progressive web troll

SEUI Leader and Public Servant using tax dollars to fund progressive campaigns- source-

A New Hampshire Law Professor is getting paid to be one one of the progressive trolls online now embarking to proliferate their statist, godless propaganda to the web near and far. While on the clock, Richard de Seve, a New Hampshire Law professor, is busy online for hours a day aggressively posting near and far progressive activist talking points. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here:


Sandra Fluke no Fluke

Fluke- Victim or Progressive Plant?- source-

Here is an excellent article about the truth of the poor victim the progressive left is now rallying around, the victim of Rush Limbaugh’s ‘unfair’ assaults- the article is from our friend and fellow freedom fighter, Warner Todd Huston, and it reveals clearly who Sandra Fluke really is, a hard-core progressive, middle-aged ideologically driven activist who has been aggressively running a camaign against Godly values and championing the godless values of the progressive statists she so zealously supports. Continue reading → Read more at