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America Must Choose: EITHER Freedom For All OR Progressive Slavery For All

The Progressive war on Freedom takes many forms, from taxes and debt-spending to “legalizing” so-called “gay marriage” against the People’s wishes, from massive new regulations to constantly demonizing Freedom advocates, like the Tea Party.

Freedom is in jeopardy: either Progressivism is trounced and denounced by American society or American society will become a society of slaves on the Progressive plantation!

What is Freedom?

Well, Freedom is one of those self-evident things you either get or don’t get. Because Freedom is self-evident, people who are good at rhetoric often parse it and cut it up until they have turned it on its head.

Freedom literally means “the dominion of the free.” Dominion means laws and self-government, and what laws can be better than laws rooted in a godly approach to the way we treat each other and God’s Creation?

If laws must exist and if it is inevitable that every law is based on some kind of belief, ideal, idea, or principles, then it is reasonable to say that Biblical ideas and etc as related to how we treat each other and nature are the best ideas.

Freedom requires “free” people pursuing godliness, self-reliance, and self-determination and having “dom” (dominion) over their lives, their rights, and their property without being threatened.

The two primary elements of freedom are liberty and security.

Liberty comes from “libertas” in Latin, which stands for “the power of freewill under law.” So we speak of godliness (as it relates to the way we treat each other and nature) as the basis of law. We speak of the ability of individuals, their free associations, and their communities to be self-reliant as the aim of law. We speak of the self-determination of the People through a process of consensual decision-making as the means by which we make law.

Security means “to be safe from threats of harm of all kinds and from all sources”- this is security for our rights (personal and shared), our persons (from conception and until natural death), and our property (personal, shared, and common).

If we lack Liberty in all its elements and Security in all its elements, Freedom is in jeopardy.

Freedom is not conditioned on the state, it doesn’t come from men, either one or a few men on one hand or a majority of men on the other hand. It cannot be created by vote or edict, neither can it be subjected to or limited by vote of edict!

In the end, if Freedom is threatened for some, it is threatened for all. We all have to decide if we are Free, if we want to be free, and how we can make ourselves more Free in fact than we are now.

We truly OWN our Freedom from God, but if we continue to agree with our Progressive opponents that Freedom depends on edicts or votes, then we will helplessly watch as all of our Freedom is taken from us.

At present, it remains to be seen whether Americans will put Freedom ahead of their own parochial or factional interests by rejecting every Progressive politician, judge, and institution that tries to offer them 30 pieces of silver (at taxpayer expense) if they will only surrender more Freedom.


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