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The degree of the FREEDOM you either EXPECT or perceive to NEED to exercise will directly affect the degree to which you are willing or unwilling to exchange SECURITY AND COMFORT for FREEDOM.  Read on to find out how you fit into The Freedom Box:

Why We Are Willingly Losing Our American Freedom?


Paul Gordon Collier


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Want to know why we are losing our freedom in America today? Is it because the progressives are winning? Would conservatives reverse the trend? I think the problem is this- power tends to corrupt- absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. Power comes by limiting your freedom and extending MY Freedom. If the “MY” is the government and the “YOUR” is the people, then the people who allow government to continuously take their freedom away are empowering their governmnet. Why would a people who actually have power to choose their government allow this to happen? I think I have the answer- the Freedom Box Principle.

Here is a simple illustration of Freedom in America today- the Freedom Box Principle illustrated:

freedom box final illustration


This illustration shows the Freedom Box as I believe it exists in America. It also shows levels of ‘Freedom Users’. The terms are for illustrative purposes only. The amount of freedom you want to use is contained in your Freedom Circle. As you can see, some Freedom Users don’t come anywhere close to the real boundaries of freedom in America today. Other Freedom Users collide directly with those freedoms.