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How Twitter birthed the Teaparty Movement

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This is an article Bill Collier of the Freedomist wrote back in 08-14-08 detailing the efforts by Nancy Pelosi to shut down congress, literally.  This event was the first major twitter-led event that led to the birth of the #DOntgo movement, which led to the Tea Party Movement ultimately but which inspired to the creation of (see more about our role HERE), SmartgirlPolitics,  ans Top Conservatives on all also the starting points for the Tea Party Movement.

Bill was the Information Coordinator for DONTGO, the precursor to Top COnservatives On Twitter and the Tea Party. THIS IS IS HOW WE DID what we did, and HERE on Twitter, getting people organized!


The Freedomist has been there from the start, reporting, and calling people to action:

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted!

Bill Collier

The American Communicator

There is a revolution underway, building slowly and steadily, growing in power and determination, against the “liberals” (translates: Socialists) in the House who populate both parties! This is a SERIOUS challenge to the status quo, to the power structure of liberal lawmakers, their rich patrons (Soros comes to mind) and the running dog Pravda Media who support them but YOU probably don’t even know about it!

One of the key leaders of this revolution, which is being covered on Twitter, is Rep. John Culberson from Texas, who is using Twitter and Qik to keep us updated on the goings on.

Culberson is not only challenging the liberal orthodoxy that prevails on Capital Hill in the unholy alliance between politicians, rich patrons, and the Pravda media, but he is spearheading a new drive to create a New Media alternative that will bury the “old media.”

On August 1, 2008 what is now being called “The Texas Tea Party” began with the historic rebellion of Republican Representatives refusing to go home after the socialist leadership (Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi) abruptly “adjourned” the House at around 11:30 AM.

The Republicans, we would call them “Republicanists” or “Bullmoose Republicans”, stayed and gave rousing speeches, demanding that the Democrats come back to hold a vote on drilling for oil. Men and women who had been in DC for years and who had been relatively “tame” in their opposition to the Socialists suddenly discovered their “inner revolutionary” and gave the most rousing speeches they had ever given.

Two historic events occurred that the world missed, thanks to the Pravda media Blackout: a “rump” session of Congress was held in rebellion AFTER the House was adjourned and the entire affair was covered almost exclusively by the New Media, in this case Twitter (where you give 140 character messages, or “Tweets”) and Qik, a live streaming video service.

This seems small and insignificant, but as with most historic events that occur, very few people either KNOW what happened or, if they do know, it was covered in such a way (Fox News was the only coverage, but it was WEAK coverage) that you may not fully appreciate how dramatic this is.

So-called “conservatives” (we prefer the term Republicanist because our movement transcends the idea of just “conserving” something, we are the only REAL progressives) are fired up, for the first time in a long time, and imbued with new hope that their party is on its way back from its dismal failures over the last 2-3 years.

The liberal/Socialist orthodoxy was challenged by people who are no longer going to limit their opposition to the ways and means of the “establishment” which these brave Representatives are finally realizing will always put them at a disadvantage. This means new, bolder efforts to REBEL from the Socialist orthodoxy will be undertaken and they will not be constrainted by artificial, often self imposed, limitations.

Finally, and significantly, the process of getting the news out and covering this is occurring outside of the Pravda media. Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi shut the House down, literally turned the lights out, and forced C-Span to turn its cameras off in a desperate bid to silence the truth and deny truth seekers access to information.

While the Pravda Media lavishes coverage on Obama’s “energy plan” on August 4, 2008 they ignore the only REAL plans that will work, they Black Out the House uprising, and they attempt to make the public think that there is only one side in this fight, the Socialist side.

Even so called “conservative” Glenn Beck was duped by the media into covering this sarcastically, focusing on the past failures of the GOP, and belittling this whole effort.

In reality, the #dontgo revolution is galvanizing a small core of people who are determined to go AROUND the Pravda media and the Socialist orthodoxy in Congress, to take matters into their own hands, develop our own networks to get information out, and then motivate the masses to get involved and DEMAND action from their elected leaders.

How can you get involved?

I will make this easy: email me at Upadaria@yahoo,com and I will invite you to join Twitter and also send you links for websites that are covering this with live blogging and streaming video.

The Pravda media and the Socialists in DC are not going to make this easy, we are going to have do this without them, against them, and by going over their heads directly to the American People.

While Obama says “we need to end the age of oil in our time” in his ongoing bid to end the age of America’s greatness, men like Congressmen Culberson are saying “drill now AND develop ALL energy solutions which America, as the greatest nation on the earth, has the power to do!”

What are the possible results of this revolution?

First, the “Republicanists” in the GOP are on the path to take back the party from the Socialists infiltrators (rinos) and are seizing the initiative in terms of the GOP agenda.

Second, the censorship of the Socialists and the bias of the Pravda media are being exposed, people on our side are starting to realize that they must develop their own institutions, that they cannot rely on the socialist establishment.

Third, in line with item 2, our side is starting to realize who the enemy are, all “liberals” which means Socialists and their running dog Pravda media, and their nature, that they do not fight fair and that trying to be “civil” with them and play by THEIR rules is not going to work.

Fourth, and significantly, our side is being inspired by this Pravda media Blackout to quickly organize and create their own alternative media, not just as an alternative, but with the goals of BURYING the old media!

I know where I was when this revolution started, and I am in the thick of it, where are you?


DID this happen as planned and predicted? YES, and The Freedomist was there, every step of the way, IN THE THICK OF IT, like we are now in Delaware and will be for the future!

Here’s how Rasmussen put it:

MAD AS HELL: How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System

So-called professionals in politics, business, and media have completely failed to comprehend the grassroots challenge to the status quo and have dismissed it as marginal and extreme. The authors explore the broad-based nature of the Tea Party movement and explain how it is reshaping American politics-whether politicians and elite journalists like it or not.