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The full picture of racism in America has been one-sided, and the narrative has largely been controlled by progressives, who use race for decidedly immoral and divisive reasons.  Here is the REAL racism in America:

William Collier

When you assume evil about someone just because of their skin color or who their ancestors were or might have been, then you are a racist. Racism is evil.

People should be judged individually on the content of their character, they should not be made to feel ashamed or that they have to apologize due to their so-called “race”. In truth, there is only one race, the human race.

As soon as you put a racial monicker (white, black, etc) in front of something in order to attack it, then you step into the role of being a racist.

When you assume someone of a certain “race” should only believe one way, as in one ideology, or support only one party, you are being a racist also. Attacking people’s identity because they don’t share your views is racist.

Racism is a major problem, and it is now migrated so that people who have racial identities in all categories have racist beliefs. One of the groups who are now notorious for their racism, which is a reaction perhaps to the racism they suffered, are people who identify as part of the “black race”.

MANY black people view all white people as racist and demand that they prove they are not racist: but the measure they use to “prove” you are not a racist is that you embrace progressive ideology and the DEMOCRAT party. They are slaves, to be blunt, serving their master, white liberals who have convinced them that anyone who wants to free them from dependence through moral virtue and a free market is a racist.

Racism is alive and well, but today it is not limited to the white Democrats who once started a civil war to keep their slaves, it is embraced by the children of those slaves who continue to toil on the Democrat plantation whilecalling those who want to free them “racists”.

Progressivism is a racist ideology based on dividing people into these Darwinian “racial groups” which have competing and disparate interests which must be catered to. Today’s Progressives believe that white people are all racists and identify any non-Progressive ideology as inherently racist, including “traditional” Christianity and Judeo-Christian values. That’s the narrative, but they want to conceal the fact that the effect is white liberals virtually owning the “racial groups” they have created and turning them all into vote farms and tax farms to make the elite more powerful and wealthy.

Eventually, the “Black Community” is going to realize that the progressive plantation owners, the Democrats, are the real racists. Until then, America’s racial problems, from all the racist groups, are only going to get worse.