By Bill Collier

Escape FROM America’s Future

Make no mistake, I am firmly convinced that society and politics needs a total re-write.

I firmly believe in the age-old dictum “revolutionaries must be state builders.” I do not see reformation of the existing state structure and of American politics as being a long-term option if the goal is to restore and extend Freedom based on Liberty (Godliness, Self-Reliance, and Self-Determination) and Security (Security in our Rights, Persons, and Property from all threats).

In he 21st century, we are not left with either pacifism or armed resistance, we can resist aggressively and without using violence! It would seem that, with all that technology offers us and with how fed up many others are, a bloodless but extensive “revolution” would be possible.

The truth is, however, that few Americans are mentally engaged enough to even comprehend the radical imperative that lays before us, this includes even those who truly ARE for freedom against Big Government and its minions. Americans neither comprehend the nature of the problem nor do they comprehend the possible solution.

What we need IS in fact a bone fide revolution that remakes government and American society in the image of a free confederal UNION of sovereign citizens, sovereign states, and 21st century forms of alternative sovereignties.

We see that Americans lack the historical as well as the philosophical education needed to even see what is needed and what is possible. We also see that, frankly, most all Americans lack the stomach for such a rewrite of their society.

This does not mean that things cannot or will not change, or that Freedom won’t have its rebounds, even within the current structures of the American Civilization.

At present, American Civilization is so firmly connected to and dependent on the spiritually, morally, and creatively dead Western Civilization that it will die the same death that awaits that old civilization which it once may have escaped from. The mere fact that Americans cannot even conceive of anything greater than a resurrection of the glorious past, from which heights they have fallen, is proof of the extent of the problem.

Does America have a glorious future, more glorious than her past?

The potential is there, but without a willingness to rewrite society almost completely, dispensing with all the 20th century assumptions of the corporate welfare state, or the “warfare state” as some call it, it is impossible to see anything resembling a good future for America.

We aren’t going to see any kind of positive, pro-freedom revolution in a nation that wallows in self-indulgence, self-pity, fear, and reckless immorality. It cannot happen and, barring a virtual miracle, it won’t happen.

For those few, perhaps only a few thousand, who see a world of possibilities outside of the limited realms of conventional American thought, the question becomes not so much “how can I save America” but, rather, “how can I save my offspring FROM America’s future?”

Until Americans step outside of their assumptions, fears, prejudices, immorality, and selfishness, they just aren’t the kind of people who can pull off the necessary deeds that would free America from the death grip of Western Civilization.