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This just in- the EPA has just enacted a new regulation concering transportation in America- from now on, your car can only be powered by a Unicorn.  That’s right, if your car is not strapped to the back-end of a forward walking Unicorn (with special color regulations added for good measure- more on that later), then you will be fined up to $20,000 a day for every day that you continue to ignore Lisa Jackson’s sensible regulation to save the environment and protect the streets at the same time (it seems Unicorn poop is GREAT for filling in potholes as well).

How ridiculous did that paragraph seem to you?  Well, it is not so ridiculous as you might think.  The EPA, under the guidance of Lisa Jackson, is busy trying to enforce regulations against oil refineries demanding that they use a certain type of fuel that….and this is the punchline folks- doesn’t exist.  This appears to be an overt attempt by the EPA to further cripple America’s energy industry.  One can argue whether that effort is aimed at gently (as gentle as a sandpaper rub over an open sore) nudging us to green energy solutions our parental guardians, the government know are best for us or if it is simply designed to destroy the lone great champion of a Free Market economy still left in the world, America-

Paul Gordon Collier


Government Out of Control? EPA Blasted for Requiring Oil Refiners to Add Type of Fuel that’s Merely Hypothetical | Romanticpoet’s Weblog