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A few months ago, Hollywood and a few major record labels banded together. They did this to urge ISPs to disrupt the internet connection for anyone trying to break copyright laws. This means people illegally downloading music or movies. This coming at a time when peer-to-peer file sharing is increasing among kids, and even more lawsuits are being thrown around.

This is not very surprising, when you look at the surface. Hollywood banded together with some major record labels and implored ISPs to stop people from pirating stuff that is theirs. While some of the filters ISPs were using were rather vague, it was a good effort to try and stop people from illegally downloading music and films. When you look into the issue closer, though, you find something that is a little more sinister than companies looking out for themselves, you find the government.

According to documents released (internal e-mails), key administration officials, including the U.S. Copyright Czar all played active roles in the negotiations that lead to ISPs disrupting internet services to those suspected of illegally downloading music or film. One of these officials used her own personal email to speak with lobbyists from a variety of companies, one of those being AT&T.

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