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Election 2010 Results- Analysis by The Freedomist

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Election 2010 Results- GOP takes House, narrows Senate majority- Politics

Election 2010 Results

GOP gains 7 Senate Seats, 64 House Seats, and 7 Governorships

Election 2010- The Mandate For Popular Constitutionalism- Freedom Editorial- Bill Collier

Constitutional Mandate- Election 2010

The real mandate of the people as told in the 2010 Election results- Popular Constitutionalism


Iowa Voters repeal activist judges who voted for gay marriage- Christian News

Iowa Voters repeal Judges who struck down DOMAIowa voters beat back the godless agenda by recalling activist, godless judges

Teaparty diversity comes out in force in Election 2010Teaparty- The so-called ‘astroturfing racists’ come out in droves and elect a diverse group of people to represent them

Election 2010 Results- Dem supporters of Obamacare lose seats in GOP takeover

Obamacare hurts Dems in 2010 ElectionDems who passed vote for Obamacare lost vote in 2010 election- 1 GOPer who voted for Obamacare also loses