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Election 2010 Results

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Highlights of Election 2010-

As of the latest count, the GOP has gained at least 64 House seats, taking a super-majority in the House:

GOP gains at least 64 House seats; just misses taking Senate
GOP gains at least 64 House seats; just misses taking Senate; romps in governor’s races. November 3rd, 2010. Dan Calabrese. Voters laid the smack to Democrats last night in a thumping of historic proportions, although they left a

In the Senate, the GOP has gained at least 7 Senate Seats:

GOP gains Senate seats in Indiana and Arkansas – Politics

Nov 2, 2010 GOP gains Senate seats in Indiana and Arkansas – Republicans picked up Senate seats EXIT POLLS SHOW: 50+ HOUSE PICKUP FOR GOP 7+ SENATE…/gop_gains_senate_seats_in_indiana_and_arkansas

They also picked up at least 7 Governor seats, with Florida still too close to call as of the writing of this article:

GOP sees big gains in governor races –

Nov 3, 2010 WASHINGTON — Republicans on Tuesday captured governorships in at least seven states, including some prime presidential battlegrounds,


Biggest win for GOP

Mark Kirk defeats Alexi Gianoulias in the Illinois Special Senate Election for Barack Obama’s old seat

Illinois Senate Race Update: Calling This Race for Republican Mark

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With this win, the GOP has 42 votes in the Senate immediately, making it significantly more difficult for Barack Obama to use the Lame Duck Congress to rush through the rest of his agenda to fundamentally transform America.

Biggest Win For dems- Joe Manchin defeates John Raes in the WV special election

VIDEO] West Virginia Election Results 2010 [SENATE RACE] | Adan News

9 hours ago by Gary Phillips
In an apparent about-face by West Virginia voters, Democrat Gov. Joe Manchin captured the state’s Senate race by a n 11-point margin, NBC News has projected. “Tomorrow starts the rebuilding,“ said Manchin,

Had the GOP won either this race or the Delaware Senate Race, along with the Kirk win outlined above, the Obama agenda would be dead in the water starting today.  As it is, with two RINOs, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, still hovering in the background, the Obama agenda still has a faint pulse.

Biggest disappointment for the Freedomist-

Christine O’Donnell is soundly defeated by Chris Coons.  Delaware Voters who did not get their news from the web never got to hear the myriad corrupt activities of the man they sent to the Senate, Chris Coons, a man the Freedomist will be watching carefully as he tries to maneuver in ways to benefit his family business, Gore-Tex.

The reason they never got to hear the truth about Coons was thanks in large part to their local media, that buried the stories of Pension fraud, Land Use swindles, Cap and Trade profiteering, and more, in favor of pushing denigrating stories about Christine O’Donnell.

The biggest mistake O’Donnell made in this race was two-fold, and both of them involved the same issue that ultimately branded her as a fringe, unstable candidate.  First was the terrible “I am not a witch” ad, an ad that only accomplished to revise what was becoming a dying issue.  Then, when Christine O’Donnell expressed regrets for the ad, the “witch” issue became branded on this race, a race that should have been about Freedom versus Political Elitism.

Delaware Election Results: Chris Coons Defeats Christine O’Donnell
Democrat Chris Coons easily won Delaware’s Senate race Tuesday over Republican Christine O’Donnell, a tea party favorite who struggled to shake old cable-show footage in which she spoke out against masturbation and

 Finally, the biggest GOP gain in the Governor Races is in Ohio, where John Kasich has delivered this battleground state to the GOP:

GOP’s John Kasich Takes Down Ted Strickland in Ohio Governor’s Race‎ – 5 minutes ago

Always a state to watch, the Obama administration and the Democratic Party paid a great deal of attention to Ohio and especially its governor’s race.

Politics Daily

This will be updated later today with more Election News 

Most disappointing Teaparty loss

Harry Reid holding on to his Senate Seat in Nevada says more about the democratic-union party machine getting out the vote early than anything else.  This loss is a lesson to the Teaparty that in states like Nevada and California, where Union bosses have built massive party machines, they must triple their efforts to build their own reliable networks to get the vote out early.

Nevada Senate Race Won By Harry Reid
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Biggest surprise-  The resounding victory of Marco Rubio

Comfortable Marco Rubio Wins Florida Senate Race Over Crist, Meek

Longtime state legislator and rising Republican star Marco Rubio cruises to a comfortable victory for the open Senate seat, besting Florida’s sitting governor, Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist, and Democratic

Marco Rubio’s convincing win launches him into the Presidential arena for 2012.

Biggest victory for the Freedomist-

Located as we are in PA, the biggest win was Pat Toomey’s defeat of far-left radical Joe Sestak.  Sestak ran, essentially as a common-sense Navy Admiral, accusing Pat Toomey of wrecking the economy, never mind he hasn’t been in congress for 6 years.  The campaign run by Sestak was deceptive, never revealing what a leftists he truly is.  Pat Toomey is lucky to have won this race, but win he did.  Thank you PA- which gave the GOP 5 House Seats, 1 Senate Seat, a Governorship, AND control of both the State House and the State Senate-

Pennsylvania Senate Race Won By Pat Toomey

2010 Election Results, 2010 Elections, alaska senate race, california senate race, delaware senate race, election results 2010, Elections 2010, fox news, illinois senate race, pennsylvania Election Results,

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