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Paul Gordon Collier

dui arrest

A spike in DUI arrests can be directly attributed to Federal tax dollars, according to a report from WFIE 14 NBC.  Allyson Kraemer, reporter for WFIE 14 NBC, looked at police departments in Vanderburgh County, Indiana and asked why there has been an increase in DUI arrests.  According to Kraemer’s report, the police departments cited increased federal funding to hire officers to ‘specifically monitor impaired drivers.’

From the WFIE 14 NBC Report:

Sgt. Jason Cullum says the officers add to the man power that way the regularly scheduled officers can respond to 911 calls.

“When your traffic related deaths are on par with your violent crime death numbers, that’s something that should really get people’s attention,” said Cullum. “Unlike your homicides or other violent crimes, traffic deaths are something that are preventable. When we see the homicide numbers come in, people say, ‘What are you going to do to stop this? What are you going to do to make the community safer?’ It should be the same response when you see these traffic related crashes. What are you going to do as a law enforcement agency to ensure the safety of all the motorists?”

It is unknown the effect the increase in arrests have had on fatalities in car accidents related to drunk driving.  The last comprehensive study was done for 2012, which saw an increase of 4.6% in fatalities from 2011 to 2012, despite increases in DUI arrests during that same period of time.