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Call the Cops 9 15 15Paul Gordon Collier- That’s right, the War on Women warriors, that is, the ones defending the ladies from the war being fought against them by anyone not a progressive, are bemoaning a possible passage of a law that might require the Fuzz to show up when rape is reported in college campus.
The defenders of women’s liberty argue that calling cops…who am I kidding?  There’s no argument here they could possibly make.  This is just about allowing anhyone and everyone to accuse anyone and everyone of anything and not get themselves some good old Merican Due Process.
Back in July, Congressmen Matt Salmon and Pete Sessions introduced legislation which suggests the radical, unique idea of bringing criminal cases to the police (or at least letting the principals have access to an attorney) in cases of sexual assault which take place on college campuses….The groundbreaking legislation put forward the following heretical concepts: (WaPo)

• Students alleging sexual violence could decide whether to report the incident to law enforcement or not. If a serious crime were alleged and the student preferred not to involve police in an investigation, campus officials would not launch an internal investigation. But they could provide protections to the student, such as requiring the accused to avoid the accuser.

• All students involved, both those reporting an assault and those defending themselves against the charges, would have the right to hire lawyers at their own expense. Both sides could ask questions of witnesses.

• Those accused would have the right to know the charges they’re facing, and see the evidence against them.