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In the Delaware Senate Race between Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell, the MSM has been entirely in the tank for their darling Crony Capitalist, Chris Coons.

The MSM is up in arms over a recent Christine O’Donnell ad revealing Chris Coons will benefit from Cap and Trade through his company

Update on Delaware Election- O’Donnell surges

Here is the ad in question

Here is how the only viable newspaper in Delaware is covering this story:

Ad claims Chris Coons would profit from cap and trade

Stepson to W.L. Gore chairman says impact would be a ‘stretch’

Coons is the stepson of Robert Gore, chairman of W.L. Gore & Associates, a family-owned company which, among hundreds of other products, manufactures a part in fuel cells used to convert hydrogen into electrical energy.

If elected to the Senate, Coons has said he would support legislation known as “cap and trade” to limit carbon dioxide emissions blamed for global climate change. Critics say cap and trade would create a massive new tax on fossil fuel energy sources, such as electricity generated from coal-burning plants. They also say it would drive up bills on utility and consumer products in favor of cleaner energy, such as hydrogen fuel cells……

“We just can’t predict how climate-change legislation would impact Gore,” said company spokeswoman Jenny Maher. “We don’t kn

ow what such claims would be based upon.”….

Don’t know how climate change would impact Gore?  If this newspaper had done its own homework it would see how Gore has ALREADY benefited from climate change legislation.  As we reported on, here is the direct connection between The Coons family fortune, Gore, and Climate Change Legislation:

Delaware Election- Chris Coons- a study in Crony Capitalism- the Cap and Trade lie to Delaware Voters

Delaware Election pits Chris Coons, crony capitalist, against Christine O’Donnell- showcased in Cap and Trade lie Coons tells in Delaware Senate Debate

Now, if Chris Coons was telling the truth about not knowing how his company DIRECTLY benefits from a bill that would regulate, nay, DEMAND air controls by the government, then  explain this grant from the recovery act for “clean energy manufacturing” back in the beginning of 2010, well before the date of this debate where Chris Coons looked into the camera and told the voters an outright lie:

Award(s): 2 totaling $814,000 from DOE / Treasury, Clean Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit (48C)

Location: Elkton, MD

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Elkton, MD ‐ $604,000

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., in Elkton received $604,000 to re‐equip two manufacturing facilities in New York and Maryland to produce the Gore Turbine Filter. The filter is used in natural gas turbines that deliver high fuel efficiency and low greenhouse gas emissions.

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Elkton, MD ‐ $210,000

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., in Elkton received $210,000 to retool a manufacturing facility to produce a key component of fuel cell systems used to improve fuel efficiency in vehicles.

The newspaper does reveal Chris Coons’ deep connections to Gore:

Coons owns stock in Gore valued at between $1 million and $5 million, according to his personal financial disclosure.

Part of Coons’ stock was a gift from his mother and stepfather as a teenager, and the rest he earned as an attorney for the company from 1996 to 2004, Coons campaign spokesman Daniel McElhatton said…..

If you doubt the connection behind the clean air act and cap and trade, read this article about HOW the clean air act was the genesis for the cap and trade act:

The Cap and Trade Success Story – Global Warming – Environmental

Feb 12, 2007 Cap and trade was designed, tested and proven in the United States as a program within the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. › Our WorkGlobal Warming

By the way, his “attorney work” for the company was in the form of a lobbyist, who pushed for, you guessed it, Climate Change legislation:


In 2003, W.L. Gore Began To Actively Campaign For More Pollution Regulation. “In the past, the company avoided talking in public about its position on proposed environmental regulations because it didn’t want the companies that buy its air-cleaning filters to think Gore was trying to tighten standards just so it could sell more pollution control equipment, Coons said. Instead the company would go directly to its industrial clients with details about how Gore’s products could help them comply with current rules, or new rules being developed by federal regulators. ‘What we haven’t done in the past is said it in front of Congress,’ Coons said. Richard A. Bucher, the scientist who testified before the Senate in June, said that two years ago Gore would have declined the invitation of Delaware Sen. Tom Carper to speak publicly at a congressional hearing.” (Steven Church, “Gore Joins Environmental Policy Debate,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 11/16/03)

By the way, that story quoted from came right from the same newspaper now claiming to not know whether Chris Coons will make millions from cap and trade, The News Journal- Delaware.  As you can see, Chris Coons, The News Journal, and Gore ALL are fully aware of how Chris Coons and his family business will make millions on Cap and Trade while Delaware Voters will lose millions.  Once again, the reverse Robin Hood, the crony capitalist strikes again.

Chris Coons has more than a passing connection to a company called Gore-Tex, which started out manufacturing innovative textiles, but has moved into the green market with its filtration systems.  As the son-in-law of the current CEO, and former lobbyist for Gore-Tex, Chris Coons is keenly aware of the millions of dollars this company (of which he owns stock) will make by passing cap and trade, a taxation that will hit the poor and the middle class hard, while making Chris Coons, his father-in-law, and his other rich friends quite wealthy.  Once again, Chris Coons taxes the poor and gives to the wealthy:

This is the product that will make Chris Coons and his family wealthy:

v  Gore Manufactures An Industrial Air Filtration System. “That sooty plume, however, is now gone – along with the particles, which experts consider one of the most toxic forms of air pollution spat out by burning coal or other fossil fuels like oil and gas. A new pollution-filtering system developed at the University of North Dakota and made with filter bags manufactured by Newark-based W.L. Gore & Associates removes 99.99 percent of the fine particles that make up the soot created by the Big Stone plant.” (Steven Church, “Gore Tackles Airborne Gunk,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 2/3/03)

This article ALSO came from the same newspaper that claims disbelief in Chris Coons and his family business, Gore, making millions by pilfering the wallets of Delaware Tax Payers

Don’t think Chris Coons was always for Cap and Trade, or that he understood how improper it was to be for a piece of legislation that would gouge the taxpayers and make his family millions:

Chris Coons, in an earlier life, before it became apparent that Gore-Tex would benefit from Cap and Trade, attacked Al Gore for the very thing he is now doing, pushing legislation to make money off of it

read more:

The News Journal- Delaware, should be contacted about their inability to research THEIR OWN articles before they write such a puff piece in service to their favorite revserse Robin Hood, their favorite Crony Capitalist, Chris Coons. 

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