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Pakistan pressed to release Asia Bibi- China funds drug gangs in Mexico- Mexican Border Towns abandoned to drug gangs- Fortress America through TSA patdowns- Center tries to gut Christian values from Tea Party- Unions get Obamacare wavers- Earmark battle and Tea Parties- Disclose Act fading- Cap and Trade last bid- China gets fastest computer- American Hunger- Bitly Bundles- Climate Change needs abortions



Pakistan faces increasing World Pressure to let Asia Bibi go free- Top News- World

asia bibi in the pakistani crescent

Asia Bibi, Top News, Pakistan, Christian News, World News, Freedom News, Hillary Clinton, State Department, Obama News, Obama Watch, Politics Asia Bibi’s case has been resonating around the world, with groups forming in Italy, India, England, the US and even Pakistan itself, calling for, demanding the Pakistan government release Asia Bibi and remove the death […]

Top Freedom Report

China sponsors drug gangs in Mexico- Freedom Report

China supplies Mexican Drug Gangs with arms and drug supplies

China- arms dealer and drug supplier for violent Mexican drug cartels


Mexican Border Towns abandoned in wake of drug cartel control- Freedom News

Mexican Border Town or Fallujah?

Mexican border towns looking more like Fallujah and Marjah on U.S border


Fortress America- A Prison Society?- Freedom Editorial

TSA alternatives- groping or nude pics- which do you prefer?

Fortress America gives more rights to terrorists than it does to its own citizens- would we grope our prisoners in gitmo?

Top Christian Story

Center-Right tries to steer Tea Party from Social issues like Abortion- Christian News

Tea Party- center right or christian conservative movement?

The moderates are trying to steal the conservative Tea Party movement for themselves

Obama Watch- Top Story

Unions, Progressive Interests exempted from Obamacare in wavers- Obama Watch

Obamacare advocates exempt from bill they helped pass

Groups that spent millions pushing Obamacare get wavers from the law they supported- including unions

Tea Party News

Teaparty goes for first legislative victory in Earmarks ban- Tea Party News

Earmarks battle continues in Lame Duck Session

McConnell about face on earmarks shows growing power of Tea Party

Lame Duck Watch

Disclose Act on Life Supports for Lame Duck Session- Lame Duck Watch

Disclose Act  versus Public Opinion

Disclose Act champions make last minute bid to get progressive-friendly bill passed

Politics Top Story

Lame Duck looks to pass form of Cap and Trade- Politics- Top News

Caution- Cap and Trade coming

Cap and Trade hanging on by a thread in Lame Duck

World News Top Story

China has world’s fast Computer- World News

China Supercomputer Lead

China’s supercomputer advance is the Sputnik of the 21st Century

Business News Top Story

American Hunger at all-time highs along with Food Stamp recipients- Business News

America- the Food Stamp Nation

America is becoming the land of Food Stamps and government dependence

Tech News Top Story

Bitly Bundles change the face of linking on web- Tech News- Web Tech

Bitly Bundles links

The bitly bundle expands the power of linking on Twitter

Green News- Top Story

Climate Change requires us to have pill-induced abortions say ‘experts’- Green News

Abortion Pills could save the planet- so says Climate Hawks

Save the Planet, kill the unborn, says Climate Hawks

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China Canal in Central America- Obama calls Indonesia tolerant- Media brainwashing- Naked Scanners mean US surrender- Asia Bibi Freedom- EPA cap and trade enforcement- Paycheck Fairness on docket- Bachmann, the teaparty, and the GOP- Failed Asia Tour for