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China Canal in Central America- Obama calls Indonesia tolerant- Media brainwashing- Naked Scanners mean US surrender- Asia Bibi Freedom- EPA cap and trade enforcement- Paycheck Fairness on docket- Bachmann, the teaparty, and the GOP- Failed Asia Tour for Obama- Gold Standard Buzz- DNA breakthrough- China hoards rare earth metals



The China Canal- How China is conquering Central America- World News- China- Top Story

China Dry Canal efforts

The Chinese move to sieze Central American oil, influence


Obama calls Sharia-leaning Indonesia tolerant while slamming Israel from nation that bans Jews- Freedom Editorial

Bill Collier- Co-editor- The Freedomist

Obama’s Indonesia Praises follow Israeli scorn and derision

Top Freedom Report

The REAL Enemy Of Your Freedom- How Media and Education Industries are undermining American Principles- Top Freedom News Report

MSM efforts to indoctrinate America

How the gatekeepers of two institutions are destroying the American ideal


How Airport “Naked Scanners” symbolize American capitulation- Freedom News

airport naked scanners

America is naked and raw in the face of tyranny- symbolized by its airport ‘naked’ scanners

Top Christian Story

Asia Bibi Persecution- the face of Pakistani barbarism- Christian News- World- Top Story

Asia Bibi faces her would be assassins

Call to Action for Christians, Freedomists- rally to support Asia Bibi

Obama Watch- Top Story

EPA plans to gut American economy with CO2 regs- Obama Watch

EPA strongarms Cap and Trade on America

How the EPA has become judge, jury, and executioner of American economy

Lame Duck Watch

Paycheck Fairness Act set to vote this week- Lame Duck Congress Watch- Senate

Lame Duck Senate pushes for Paycheck Fairness Act

Voters want economy, jobs fixed- Lame Duck wants more government control in Paycheck Fairness Act

Politics Top Story

Michelle Bachmann’s failed bid illustrates Teaparty struggles with GOP- Teaparty News

Michelle Bachmann, the face of Teaparty resistance

Bachmann’s failed leadership bid shows Teaparty still an outsider in the GOP world

World News Top Story

Obama showcases U.S weakness on global stage in Asia tour- World News

Obama strikes out at G20 and Asia

The Obama effect on the world stage is gone as reality sinks in through ineffective Asia tour

Business News Top Story

Gold Standard Buzz continues to spread- Business News- Top Story

How the Gold Standard may be answer to national economic crisis

Should we turn back to the gold standard to stabilize our debt-based economy?

Tech News Top Story

Cheaper Method to read DNA comes in quantum tunneling- Tech News

DNA research breakthrough

Breakthrough in DNA analysis could lower cost and time of DNA research dramatically

Green News- Top Story

China uses global warming as excuse for hoarding rare-earth metals- Green News

China Rare Earth Metals Monopoly

Hoarding of Rare Earth Metals by China is for our own good, says China

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Daily Freedomist- Click on Picture to Get Free Daily

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