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Progressive Interest Groups (PIG) set to destroy American Constitution- Upadaria Report

pigs drinking beer

Progressive Interest Groups (PIG) and the Obama agenda to fundamentally transform America from the land of the free to the land of Socialist Fascism

Top Freedom Report

Mitt Romney- Father of Obamacare- Freedom Report- Election 2012

Mitt Romney in 2012?

Can the inspiration behind Obamacare win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012?


Anwar Al Awlaki calls for New Kind of Terror- Top News- World

Anwar al Awlaki

Anwar Al Awlaki announces ‘new kind of terror’, more brutal than the Bin Laden brand


Mike Pence for President 2012?- Freedom News- Top Story

Mike Pence for President 2012

Rumors swirl of a 2012 Presidential run for Mike Pence

Top Christian Story

Planned Parenthood endorses book promoting Casual Teen Sex-Christian News- Top

Planned Parenthood

Book promotes sex among teens

Obama Watch- Top Story

Lame Duck Congress Window only two weeks long- Obama Watch

Lame Duck Congress Agenda

Will the Lame Duck get Obama’s agenda through in two weeks? Or will they stay in the basement to extend their time?

Lame Duck Watch

Unemployment Extensions on table for Lame Duck Congress Watch

Unemployment Extensions allive in Lame Duck Congress

Tier V being resurected during Lame Duck

Politics Top Story

Economy, Unemployment and Bush Tax Cuts on Lame Duck Agenda-Politics News

Unemployment Extension on Lame Duck Agenda

Lame Duck Session Agenda

 World News Top Story

Hezbollah says they are ready for war with Israel-World News- Top

hezbolla ready for way against israel

Hezbollah ready for war

Business News Top Story

Federal Reserve Stimulus shuts down trade talks at G20- Business News- Obama

G20 Summit stops thanks to Fed

Disputes with U.S and rest of world over Fed QE2 bring summit to end

Tech News Top Story

Samsung Nexus S information and photos leaked on the web-Tech News- Top

Samsung Nexus S

Android’s successor leaked out

Green News- Top Story

Asphalt Roads could become Solar Power Centers- Solar Roads coming?- Green News- Tech

Solar Power Roadways

The black roads of America may turn green with solar innovation

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Daily Freedomist- Click on Picture to Get Free Daily

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