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Voters Trust GOP Presidential Candidates On Jobs More Than Obama- After a recent poll claimed that voters trust Obama more than the House Republicans to create jobs, a poll that conveniently left out the Democrats in Congress, comes a new poll that shows a very different picture: GOP candidates Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are more trusted on jobs than Obama. Is crony socialism an epic fail in the eyes of most Americans?

The Quinnipiac poll was conducted from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3 and has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

In this poll, voters were asked if they approved of the Democrats in Congress and the Republicans, and both scored low numbers at 24 and 23 recent respectively.

Asked about whether they approved of Obama’s handling of the economy and the number who approved is only 32 percent, an all time low. Interestingly, this number itself is buoyed by the Democrats who give him a 66 percent approval. His approval among independents is only 26 percent and among Republicans it is only 4 percent.

When voters were asked to choose between Obama and either Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, Obama loses. Obama loses 45-42 percent to Perry and 49-39 percent against Romney.

A total of 77 percent of voters think the economy will get worse or stay the same if Obama is re-elected and the same number of voters, 77 percent, think the economy is in recession.

Crony socialism, or “stimulus” is not working. In fact, it could even be deadly. As we are reporting, under Obamacare cronies are getting key positions in the implementation process of Obama’s socialiszed medicine plan which, in the case of Judy Faulkner and Epic Systems, could lead to patients’ records NOT being able to accessed by a surgeon who does not use Epic Systems if the doctor does. This story is of vital concern because it involves millions of Americans and BILLIONS of dollars, but so far is being ignored by the media. It is a story that is all too common under the policies of crony socialism.

Meanwhile, House Speaker, John Boehner, posted a graphic showing that “all roads lead to nowhere” for Obama’s stimulus package disguised as a  jobs bill, which the Senate Democrats panned and have since rewritten to try to shore up the number of needed votes. Their new plan is to raise taxes FIRST, then spend MORE money on more of the same programs, many of which are rife with crony socialism, to try to stimulate the economy.