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Sorry to hear of your illness. McCain don't take unnecessary and expensive steps to extend your life. Do the right thing and submit to Obamacare redistribution of healthcare to people who are more worthy, namely younger. Get some medical counseling to help you move towards what's best for the state. You don't have much time left, so spending all this money to extend your life could be used for someone who has many years ahead of them. It's what your colleagues and kin all voted for and wanted, so please be a hero and be the first to submit to the standards you are attempting to putt on the rest of Americans.

This is satire! It does make the point that these people don't hold themselves to the same standards the hold most American's too. There are studies that many older American's have lost their lives under Obamacare, but our Senators have opted out. Congress shouldn't be allowed to opt out of laws they create ever!