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"If the president has nothing to hide, the recusal doesn't matter"? What a stupid statement. Of course it matters, because this Russia BS has been going on for almost 9 months now, and they are still talking about it, and will probably still be talking about it for months, or perhaps years, more. So if he has nothing to hide, and its all made up BS, we will have wasted years listening a fantasy, and hearing about nothing else, which is what the demonrats wanted all along. Look how many week minded fools already believe every word of it, with no substantial evidence whatsoever. Those same morons are likely to still continue believing it, even after finding out the entire thing was fabricated horseshit. Meanwhile, things that actually do matter, are being ignored. So yeah, it matters, regardless if he has anything to hide or not. I would be pretty pissed off too, if it were me, and I knew that the entire thing was a fabricated BS conspiracy theory, by demonrats, to sabotage the country. If he's vindicated, great. But the damage caused by the demonrats to the country is already done, and can't just be undone.