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Jeffrey Sessions & John McCain should both sail off into the sunset.

Both are bought and paid for Rothschild Zionist Pig's. glad to see the back of them

J Sessions with his bull shit.t,. ' War on Drugs ' will put. more non violent citizens ( pot smokers) in the. ,. ' Corporate private Rothschild Prisons. ( Forced work camp's). further enriching the Elite's behind closed doors??????

The U S has the largest Private Prisons population in the world, most for non violent drug possession offenses.

J Sessions also wants,. ' Asset Forfeiture ' implemented,, which is just another example of, ' Play for Play '. for law enforcement. Yes he wants the people's homes and businesses for profit, further compromising a deeply corrupt SYSTEM. He likes the : Big Brothers surveillance regime, fu.k the people's rights????????? Yeah J S is a real hero to the people, poor : Seth Rich ????????

J Sessions is a real hero, that southern Ol Boy has turned to be a problem for : K I N G Trump, looks like he's either, compromised or has no back bone to do the difficult job of prosecuting : K I L Lery. Clinton and Podesta??????????Too old, too weak, too frightened to be an effective attack dog for K I N G Trump.

He can only persue the easy low hanging fruit
1). War on Drugs.
2) Asset Forfeiture.
Yeah, that southern Ol Boy turned out to be a great disappointment for King Trump, didn't have his back one iota. a real : turncoat Judas Rothschild Zionist Pig under the smallest amount of pressure he folds like a deck of cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!(!

Both : McCain & Sessions should go and disappear into the sunset, neither one of them will be missed by the people who don't think much of them, so sad, too bad, good riddance to them both.

King Trump should think about : Nepolitarna or Perro. for good strong effective replacements for the old guy.