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🌿🌷*•Are the Arab leaders more concern about their royalties than their own fellow brethren in Palestine.. or perhaps they don't even care if the Israelis destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque to built their whatever temple.. the US is the only country that is protecting Israel to do whatever they like in it's crimes and aggression.. and against the International law.. or perhaps they are afraid of the US regime change policies who are definitely controlled by the Zionist bankers.. or perhaps they are more concern of their wealth status.. they can start by trading their oil and other resources in their own currencies rather the fake US dollars printed from thin air.. perhaps there should even be a Fatwa forbidding the use of fraud monies for any business if if it strengthen and enrich them as reserve currency all for the benefit of Zionism.. hopefully they could pressure the US to pressure Israel to return it's 67' borders.. with mass population, a country with support of the population can never be ruled by a tyrant or invaded by foreign enemies.. if only you could manufacture your own small arms that can only to be distributed to your own and trained volunteer forces for self-defence.. Muslim countries can ally themselves to be united.. just look at Islamic Republic of Iran which even prosper after 40 years of western sanctions.. imagine the enemies being killed in every comers of your own country.. either be a fool or live with it.. may God guide and bestow you the sense of humanity within you.. Ameen..