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Sure, I remember the Ukrainian and democrats, and I understand. I hear what you're saying, but nobody has any love for the democrats either. We hear you it's the government and media ignoring us.
Trump Jr. lied, evaded, and misinformed over and over again, and this is sounding like you're saying don't be suspicious, ignore it, it's no big deal. That makes me more curious that something was wrong. Now here we again and you're saying well the democrats did it, so it's really okay. You're all missing the point!!!! My government is now so entirely corrupt that nobody, ABSOLUTELY, nobody can be trusted to know right from wrong. The healthcare bill was scary, and it supports my belief that the rich see the poor as a disposable social class. This government is very messed up, entirely messed up. Julian Assange is correct, but Edward Snowden is truly turning out to be a hero, and I didn't use to like those guys at all, but now, I see how completely right they are. Really, I take back every bad word I said about Julian Assnge and Edward Snowden.
These last eighteen months have shown me how thoroughly corrupt and messed up this country's government is, and it seems to be getting worse slowly. Jeez! This very station showed people lying for Trump while under oath! Don't say Clinton or democrats, the entire government is failing. This stupid healthcare problem is a perfect indicator because nobody understands healthcare is a fundamental part of national security. These lawmakers didn't know about North Korea's missile testing. They forgot Russia thought it was okay that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on Syrian people. Tuberculosis is making a comeback and our antibiotics don't work. Biological weapons are the cheapest mass destruction weapons to make, and CDC is in no way able to handle a widespread biological attack. Stop blaming each other, and do the job you were hired to do, or you're the traitor. What a bunch of selfish, greedy, shameless, thoughtless lowlifes!