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JUST BE HONEST ABOUT IT….They suckered Republicans voters and FOX NEWS helped perpetuated that lie that they had a actual healthcare plan… Fox News are the one who had ALERT BANNERS going across the screen during their broadcast stating how the ACA was going to destroy lives, scaring their viewers…Republicans had the same amount of time as Obama had to come up with a real viable doable plan but blew it wasting time talking up scare scenarios about the ACA…The real reason republicans do not have a plan is because they used Obamacare to scare republican voters into electing and re-electing them into office, knowing they had no plan. Developing a real health care plan was never their agenda, Trump never had a plan, spreading horror story's about Obamacare with the help of FOX NEWS to get re-elected was their only true agenda…and now that they all got elected you all see proof republicans never had a real healthcare plan to began with…Yes republican voters you will find the truth a hard pill to swallow but none the less its still the truth, with the help of Fox News…YOU WERE  ALL SUCKERED!…I find it pretty strange a lot of you now seem to be ok with Obamacare now, maybe because you slowly over the years started to realize the GOP really had nothing but scare tactics about Obamacare and after seven years NEVER actually produced a good well thoughtout solid a plan of their own.