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I still don't understand how they can say crap about Clinton. Let's remember she's not our President and our current Presisent's son has actually admitted to collusion with a foreign government. So this is how they get Fox news watchers to ignore Trumps crimes with collusion. You can't be all mad at Hillary and obstruction of justice as Hannity is when people like Hannity spend all their time trying to tell you why all those acts aren't crimes. Remember yesterday when faced with the same story but with Trump he said all those same actions are acceptable when running a campaign. So let me get this straight we should arrest Hillary for no real evidence of a crime and forgive Trump for colluding with a foreign government because….oh he's a Republican so his crimes don't matter. Of course Trumps lawyer wants you to focus on Hillary. He just got himself a lawyer as he's afraid of being arrested for his knowledge of Trumps meeting and conversations with Russia. Can't wait to watch Hannity eventually get laughed off tv.