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christine o’donnell

The REAL Christine O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell is a hard-working American entrepreneur and social advocate with a proven track record of putting her values and the pro-life, pro-family, pro-Constitution, and pro-America cause ahead of everything else, no matter her own personal hardships or struggles, which some of her opponents choose to focus on simply because they know that Americans are tired of the Progressive agenda- so instead of running on their own own record of tax-and-borrow and progressive devolution of our Constitutional Republic, they hire establishment professionals who claim to be conservatives to sling their mud for them.

While Christine O’Donnell was out pushing for pro-family policies in, of all places, the UN and trying to build a successful business in an economy driven into the ground by things like TARP, which was supported by her opponent, certain careerists in the House, who shall remain…….(MIKE CASTLE) were living the high life with their cushy jobs which they owe to campaign dollars from TARP receiving banks!

The left fears her, because, as James Carville said, she’s “cool”, the RINOS hate Christine O’Donnell’s anti-Big Government stances like snails hate salt, and the establishment elites even within the “Right” loathe the very idea that someone they don’t have any “access” to who won’t play by their wonkish rules might get elected without their “blessing”.

Her opponents, some of whom CLAIM to be among the next or new “right”, love to focus on small things, on her real life story that many Americans share, a story of trying and not always getting as far as fast as you’d like, a story not unlike Harry Truman’s own “rags to riches to rags to the White House” story!

Christine O’Donnell is not what she is PAYING to the IRS or what her financial reality has been, and to suggest that this disqualifies her from making decisions, compared to the tax-and-borrow liberal agenda Mike Castle pursues with reckless abandon at our expense, is an absurdity many average Americans will see right past.

The REAL Christine O’Donnell is not unlike the REAL you- and you are not defined by every mistake, every non-successful venture, or every unpleasant result, ARE YOU?

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Christine O’Donnell- the next Scott Brown #christine #odonnell #scott #brown

Christine O’Donnell- the next Scott Brown #christine #odonnell

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Christine O’Donnell- Senate Site C #christine #odonnell

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Christine O’Donnell- Wikipedia #christine #odonnell

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Christine O’Donnell- the next Joe Miller #christine #odonnell

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Christine O’Donnell- why she is running for DE senate #christine #odonnell

Christine O'Donnell- the real Christine O'Donnell

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Christine O’Donnell- Delaware and the GOP #christine #odonnell