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Before you peruse this damaging report on Delaware Senate hopeful and current County Executive of New Castle County, Chris Coons, you should peruse this court docment that shows what Chris Coons and his Ruling Class elites will do to bury political opposition, overrun them with code violations. This court document shows the meat of this report, how a Ruling Class elitist views the people and how he dismisses them using the power of regulation:

Chris Coons v Christine O’Donnell- proof Coons absued power as New Castle County Executve

Taken from the excellent article on Chris Coons Corruption at

Chris Coons- Christine O’Donnell Opponent in DE Senate Race- used Codes to suppress dissent in New Castle County

Leftist Activist in Delaware Accuses Chris Coons of using “Code Violations” to suppress his opposition to the Coons political money machine



Leftist Activities in Delaware: Chris Coons Harassed Me Due To My Political Activism

Tonight I spoke with Alan Muller, who runs a site at Green Delaware — and thinks Chris Coons should be defeated. Mr. Muller wrote a blog post about how he had been harassed by Chris Coons for his local political efforts — in actions that Muller terms evil in a small place:

This is about evil. It could be a lot worse. . . . But it’s evil enough in [its] own little way and the person currently causing our problems, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons, wants to be a United States Senator and apparently has the support of many people who don’t know what he really is.

A key point I want to make is that Coons, a rich boy with a law degree and a Master’s in Ethics from Yale Divinity School, is actually a much nastier, more manipulative, more dangerous, more special-interest-serving person than his thuggish predecessor Tom Gordon.

Christine O’Donnell opponent, Chris Coons, uses power of office to attack political dissent in New Castle County- Delaware Senate Race



How Chris Coons used his power as County Executive of New Castle County to oppress political dissent.

Alan Mueller, a Leftist activist from New Castle County DE, tells a sordid tale of code harassment led by New Castle County Executive Chris Coons.


Christine O’Donnell running against Chris Coons is showcase of Constitution v Political Ruling Class corruption- Delaware News

Delaware Senate Race highlights Chris Coons, Delaware County Executive mired in corruption and abuse of power to feed the rich and take from the poor, versus Christine O’Donnell, average American who wants the political class to be gutted, replaced by Constitutional common sense Americans.  Here is what Chris Coons calls Democracy, against one of his own, a fellow Leftist who didn’t quite match up with Chris Coons political needs (what would he do against conservatives that dare defy his Ruling Class mentality):



……what did Chris Coons do to Alan Muller? Well, Muller says that he was an activist who often spoke out at city council meetings — until his ownership of a historic property gave local authorities the chance to use the power of the government to harass him:

Few things are more destructive to the integrity of a place than using the courts to harass activists and poor people. . . . Green Delaware [Muller’s organization and web site] has often criticized New Castle County and things around it. This is easy to do. New Castle County has a long history of corruption and scumbaggery. We have often–but not any more!–testified at County Council meetings and suchlike. .

Christine O’Donnell v Chris Coons- guess which one used power to crush the people?  Hint- He is an Ivy-League fat cat living off the largesse of the working man- Delaware Senate Race

How Chris Coons, Christine O’Donnell’s opponent in the Delaware Senate Race, views public service, as a means to an end, a means to perpetrate fraud and shake down the people to fund his lavish lifestyle and the lavish lifestyles of his fat cat political class friends:



Alan Muller got the attention of the local government authorities, including Chris Coons, with his outspoken activism. He testified at City Council meetings. He wrote action alerts. He wrote blog posts with titles like The unending disgrace that is Coons’ County and CHRIS COONS AT IT AGAIN….AFTER ALAN MULLER.

In short, he was a gadfly. Chris Coons may have regarded this gadfly as something of a pest.

And what do you know? Once local authorities had their chance to get their regulatory hooks into him, they did so with a vengeance.

Harassment as retaliation for political activism

Muller writes:

But we also did something stupid in the circumstances: Bought a historic house threatened with demolition. This opened us up to unending harassment. . . . [T]hey charge us ten or twelve times for the same “offense,” and we are convicted for each “offense.”

Muller believes the harassment was directly tied to his activism. In one post, Muller said: “When Muller spoke out at a County Council meeting about the inadequacy of the proposed County Comprehensive Plan, violation notices were posted on his door within days.”

Chris Coons attacks Christine O’Donnell on ‘character issues’- but what about his abuse of power as County Executive of New Castle County?- Delaware Senate Race

How Chris Coons used county ordinances to suppress dissent in New Castle County:


The county ordinance apparently allows bringing a separate charge every day. So the county could charge a person 365 times for having a cracked windowpane and then deliver these charges all at once, without prior notice, and demand a fine for each “violation.” A minimum fine of $100 is prescribed for each “violation” and “the court shall not suspend the sentence of any person …” Welcome to Delaware!

Abuse of code enforcement power has often been used to harass people. Since, obviously, every property has some technical code violation, anyone could be harassed. While the evil of Coons in abusing these laws is obvious, it is also obvious that the Delaware General Assembly has itself done a great evil by passing such laws for the County, and by failing to maintain the integrity of Delaware’s courts.

The documents support Muller’s contention. Muller links to a court document that contains numerous charges against him for unpermitted work to his roof. Each of the charges contains the same verbiage and makes the same accusations. But each charge is alleged to have occurred exactly one month apart. The first is on March 10, the next is on April 10, the third is on May 10, the next on June 10 — and so on, and so on, and so on.

I told him it looked like they were charging him every month for work that he had done once. He said it was worse than that — they were still coming after him even after he got everything fixed.

We never know when more charges will arrive in the mail. We never know when warrants will be issued for my arrest. I have a criminal “rap sheet” pages and pages long. This is the reward for being an activist in Delaware in these times.

Chris Coons not Christine O’Donnell,  leads charge to give county code enforcement officers pepper spay- Delaware News

After Leftist Activist Alan Muller fell afoul of Ruling Class fat cat Chris Coons, the County Executive of New Castle County, he pushed for Code enforcers to be allowed to carry pepper spray, the same code enforcers sent to harass Leftist Activist Alan Muller for DARING to oppose the Ivy League Elitists, Chris Coons


One of the things that amazed me, in speaking to (ALAN) Muller, is that the local government actually proposed issuing pepper spray to its code enforcement officers during Coons’s reign. He told me he had written about it, and reader JD found the link for me:

Some time ago there was a movement before the County Council to give “code enforcement” officers pepper spray, etc, to fend off enraged citizens. We don’t know what happened to that, but it’s a fair indication of the real attitude of the County towards non-wealthy human residents.


The Freepers have mentioned a second instance of someone claiming that Coons retaliated against him for First Amendment activity. This court decision (.pdf) sets forth the complaints of Thomas Neuberger, who said that Coons and others retaliated against him for prosecuting lawsuits against the county, by releasing his private medical information. Will Delaware media investigate to see if his complaints have merit? Does Coons have a pattern of such activity?

View documented proof here of Coons’s serial abuse of Code Violations to target Leftist Activist, Alan Muller:

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