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note:  It has come to the Freedomist’s attention (thanks to the intrepid reporting of talking points memo writer, Rachel Slajda) that the document we have used to cite funding from the Executive Contingency Fund may or may not have an error on the line referring to a fashion show funded by the Executive Contingency Fund.  The bone of contention regards the number 5, indicating “53,000” was spent by the fund for the fashion show.  There is a possible typo that may actually show $3,000 as the funded amount, instead of “53,000”.  Either way, if Chris Coons is using a contingency fund to pay for $53,000 for a fashion show, OR $3,000, while hiking taxes on property owners, it still shows his prevalence for taking from the middle class and the poor to fund his Elitist, crony, friends  Read the rest of the article below:

What would you say if your property taxes went up by 58% in three years, only to learn the person who raised your taxes used your money to fund a $50,000 fashion show and a swank $50,000 reception for the AFL-CIO, and a multi-million dollar government slush fund?  That’s what spending records for County Executive Chris Coons show that he has been doing with millions of dollars of taxpayer money.  One shudders to imagine how he would spend the billions of tax dollars he would have as a U.S. Senator

Christine O’Donnell’s opponent in the Delaware Senate race, Chris Coons, began his political life as the County Executive of New Castle County, a role he still fills even as he runs to become the next Senator of Delaware.  In that capacity as New Castle County Executive, Chris Coons ran up the New Castle County property taxes by 58% in only 3 short years.  So Newcastle County may be somewhat better off with Coons neglecting his duties to run full-time for higher office.

Here is just some of the evidence in black and white:

Screenshot of New Castle County’s Executive County Contingency Fund

Chris Coons raises taxes to fund fashion show

The whopping tax increases imposed by Coons help to explain why Wilmington’s unemployment is a staggering 30% higher than the national average.  Official statistics report that the high-tax/free-spending area has lost a staggering 8% of its jobs.  Chris Coons, himself a child of privilege, is a one man  weapon of mass jobs destruction.  The Freedomist hopes that Delaware won’t try to get rid of him by electing him to the US Senate and thereby impose this kind of level of job destruction and profligate spending on the entire nation.


Chris Coons, in an earlier life, before it became apparent that Gore-Tex would benefit from Cap and Trade, attacked Al Gore for the very thing he is now doing, pushing legislation to make money off of it

read more:

Perhaps stories such as these are the reason that Christine O’Donnell has begun to surge in the Delaware Senate Race.  The voters of Delaware don’t want to send another rich, fat cat Elitist who views public office as just an outlet for them, their family, and their crony friends to pad their own nests on the backs of working-class Americans.

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