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Majority in Venezuela Vote to Eat Minority

WORLD- Bill Collier

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb having a vote about what to have for lunch”.

Venezuela’s election wasn’t even close. The progressive strong man, Hugo Chavez, handily defeated state governor Henrique Capriles 55 to 45 in the presidential election.

But WHY, when you consider the miserable state of Venezuela’s economy, the fact that Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, is the murder capital of the WORLD, and the fact that Chavez is a menace to individual political and economic freedom?

Nobody is claiming that the vote count was crooked.  Chavez is, however, accused of spending the nation’s oil revenues on his campaign, including giving hand-outs to any group of people who will vote for him.

The progressive strong man offered more of the same- more state control over the economy, more socialist wealth redistribution, and less political and economic freedom for all. Despite this, if the vote count was accurately reported, 55% of the people elected to continue down the road to a state-controlled society.

This really does give meaning to the old phrase “democracy is two wolves and a lamb having a vote about what to have for lunch”. The majority vote to eat the minority, almost every time.

This is a fundamental flaw in “pure democracy”, especially with an under-educated populace and a media establishment that parrots only one party line….but enough about what’s happening in America, this is all about Venezuela.

Do the 55% who voted to eat the 45% really think that eating their producers, and shackling them with crippling regulations, is going to work out for ANYONE in the long term, do they really think that this model is NOT going to produce more tyranny, less freedom, more control, less opportunity, and, ultimately, chaos and poverty? They evidently cannot see past their own IMMEDIATE parochial interests.

The legitimate power of the state, as defined in an objective reading of the Bible, for instance, does not extend into the realms of the sacred, the social, and the market beyond keeping the peace.

Even many who do not embrace the Bible can surely agree that this standard is better than “government can do anything it wants, as long as some popular vote is behind the politicians who run the state”.

By this standard anything MOST people want is “legitimate”, even if what they want is your life, your liberty, and your property.

For the 45% who chose to move away from the progressive nanny state and towards greater freedom and opportunity, the future looks like this-the majority are going to continue to eat the whole until there’s nothing left for anyone.