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The Roadblock to “Progress”- Freedom and Liberty

The Bill of Rights relies on individuals being free to choose and live virtue. The Progressive Bill of Rights relies on coercion to demand conformity to their concept of the collectivist virtue. The Bill of Rights is built on a need to be free to live out our faith, or not live out a faith at all. The Progressive Bill of Rights coerces us to follow a faith in collectivist man and the leaders of the evolving Collectivist expression of man’s perfection.

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Rove’s Checkered Past Revisited

Karl Rove’s latest Tea Party kerfufel should not be news to anyone who was reading The Freedomist back in 2010. We broke the story in September 2010 of how Karl Rove came to Delaware before the 2010 primary that pitted democrat, er, ‘republican’ Mike Castle against Christine O’Donnell. Rove came to Delaware with money and a proposal to the Tea Party folks in Delaware- the proposal? If the Tea Party would agree to not support Christine O’Donnell against democrat, er, “republican” Mike Castle, then Karl Rove’s PAC would give them money for other worthy causes. The Tea Party refused.

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The Freedomist Pledge

I pledge myself, according to the framework of freedom, to work daily to proclaim freedom to others, to stand up whenever anyone’s freedom is called into question, and to do my level best as a free citizen to assert and defend the rights, persons, and property of my fellow citizens against all sources of danger, whatever their origin, by all reasonable and legitimate means, SO HELP ME GOD!

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Obama’s Not Optimal If Four Americans Get Killed Gaffe

Barack Obama appeared on the John Stewart show last night and made a statement that will knock ‘binders full of women’ right off the map- “Not Optimal”. In this case, Obama is talking about the murders of four Americans, including a US Ambassador. What makes this statement all the more damning is that Barack Obama went on a comedy talk show and delivered this line. The optics are not good.

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The Hofstra Debate

The Hofstra Debate produced a stunning confession by Barack Obama that revealed he overtly lied to America and the world about Benghazi, and not even Romney’s supporters have picked up on it. Keep reading this article and find out what I am talking about and how it might reveal God’s move against this land has already begun, that there is a famine of truth in this land as Amos was told would fall on Israel.

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Obama’s Smoking Gun on Benghazi

Of all the things Obama said in the debate, this is the most significant and NOBODY is talking about it (which confounds me)- “as soon as we found out that the Benghazi consulate was being overrun, I was on the phone with my national security team”- the key part of this phrase is- WAS BEING OVERRUN- as in- AS IT WAS HAPPENING! So if he was talking to his national security team AS IT WAS HAPPENING (was being)- then why did he and his administration go out over the next two weeks and push the narrative that this assault on our consulate was triggered by a video?

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Benghazi Cover Up

The attacks happened September 11th. The State Department was in communication with the consulate while it was under attack. By September 25th, it would have been clear to any President who called upon the people within the State Department that the murder of the US Ambassador was not in response to a video, but a coordinated military operation by Al Qaeda in response to the recent death of their Libyan Al Qaeda leader. Yet, this is what President Obama said to the UN on September 2th (the whole video is at the end)

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The Benghazi Cover Up- The Obama Myth Destroyed

I am not sure if this is an impeachable offense, but it is an offense against Americans to lie so overtly about the murder of our citizens, to seek to protect your narrative, that you are the Al Qaeda Killer, the Bin Laden Slayer, over speaking the truth to the American people about how and why our land was sacked and our citizens murdered.

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