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Day One In Israel

The journey through the Holy Land begins. Of course it is amazing. We are at an undisclosed location, we don’t want to give away details of the hosts or where exactly they live. But we are sitting as dawn comes over Mount...

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Hillary Calls Walker an Extremist for Banning Late Term Abortions

Yes. They want to murder more babies so they can sell more body parts.
The fight against abortion after 20 weeks is not over ‘exceptions’, but slippery slopes.  The democrats understand, and rightly so, that every law that successfully rolls back the legalization of abortion is another step toward what people like Scott Walker want, what people like me want, an end to the legal genocide.

Over 50 million babies have been murdered by doctors that have their licenses issued to them by this government.  That means our government, our nation, our state, the state WE all belong to is responsible for killing more people than Hitler and Stalin combined.  The fact that Hillary Clinton has to defend this genocide puts her at a moral disadvantage with any pro-life candidate.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t like Scott Walker banning abortions after an unborn child becomes old enough to feel pain.
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Big Business is a Friend of Big Progressives

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Managed economies are always more damaging to small business than big business. The more an economy is managed, the bigger the businesses, the lesser the small.
Progressivism is good for the billionaires, but not the millionaire. This is why so many billionaires are bankrolling this movement.
They’re more wealthy now than they were in 2008, while most everyone else is poorer.
Yes, the progressive way is the billionaire’s way. Worth the extra taxes, big time.

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