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We have received information, still not confirmed, that Miriam Carey, 34 year old female from Connecticut, a dental hygienist, was shot, according to our sources, while exiting her car after a dramatic chase that virtually shut down Capitol Hill.

capitol hill shooting

According to our sources, Carey was mentally unstable and was distraught because her child’s daycare was cancelled over the shut-down. She allegedly felt that the President was personally responsible for the shut-down, although we cannot yet confirm this. Some sources allege that she was a Somali and a Muslim, however, none of this is a factor in the incident and we do not believe at this stage that this is reliable information.

Serious questions remain. Are we so paranoid for the precious elites on “the Hill” that we shoot an unarmed woman at close range, liking shooting a dog in the street?

It may be this screen shot is not the final stopping point of this incident. But important questions remain unanswered and responsible journalists ought to be asking them instead of merely apologizing for the police.

Here is a still from an amateur video…


Shots Fired- Reports of Injuries- Updates Forthcoming

Our insider reports indicate this is a minor incident unrelated to politics.

US Capital Shots Fired-

Reports of multiple police injuries. We are making calls to our contacts.

Conspiracists on both sides already accusing the other side, without any news of details as to what, who, or why. The high temperature of political rhetoric is a concern, but we caution readers DO NOT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS.

Politicization has already begun, some claiming this is the result of the government shut-down but security and police were NOT impacted by the shut-down.

We pray for any injured, if injured, and for peace and calm in our nation’s capital. I have a number of good friends right in that area, so please also pray for them as well.

Stay tuned for updates, we’ll post at

Bill Collier

Initial Reports:

3:07 PM EDT- Automobile tried to ram a barrier or gate on Pennsylvania Avenue, still no known connection to anything political. It would be incorrect at this time to say that the car tried to ram the White House Gate: NO! The driver tried to ram the barrier at Pennsylvania Avenue, possibly, probably, to get THROUGH. We DO NOT THINK this person was trying to get into the White House itself.

3:23PM EDT Congressional staffer tells us his Congressman was told the woman driver was shot and killed. We cannot confirm.

4:56PM EDT Amateur video confirms our initial reporting was spot on, in terms of the chase, the barrier the woman tried to get through, and, sadly, the death of the woman, who appears to have been mentally unstable.

She was unarmed and was shot because she was using her vehicle as a weapon.

5:03PM EDT – Hard questions will be asked about this incident. We now have information that “initial applause for the Capitol Hill police may fade to hard questions about why an unarmed erratic woman was shot to death”.

Could the police have shot out her tires and blocked her? Was the initial reaction overblown since the police KNEW that the woman was immobilized and yet continued with a lock-down?

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