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Bin Laden Dead

Osama Bin Laden is dead….killed in a mansion.  As he sends 12 yr olds on suicide missions, he led a cozy life in a mansion in Islamabad.  Now., that comfortable life is no more-  Here is how the blogosphere sees this great moment for all Americans:

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FREE TEAM Training For Church Ministries

Learn the secrets for EFFECTIVE Team Building in church ministries: creating group cohesiveness and being effective at group mobilization.

The Church Ministry Center has a series of free reports on church group and ministry mobilization and team building techniques and best practices, featuring exclusive video content from David Logan, one of the authors of “Tribal Leadership.”

CREATING COHESION– How do you grow your ministry group into a cohesive organization that gets things done quickly and well?

MOBILIZATION– How do you mobilize volunteers and inspire them to give work, resources, and money to support your efforts?

In an exclusive series of videos, made available for FREE to registered users, David Logan gives out “secret sauce” for making groups more cohesive and effective!

David Logan has never spoken to the specific needs of Church ministries and groups from the perspective of the “Tribal Leadership” system, until now!

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