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Bill Collier talks to Chris Jansing on Jansing & Co about Mitt Romney’s Candidacy on GOP.

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The great moment is when Jansing asks if there is any skepticism about Romney from Conservatives, to wit Bill Collier replies “if it’s a politician, you really have to check if it’s true”-  Here is our quick video post.  We hope to have a cleaner post later on-

Here is the transcript-

>>> billionaire casino mogul is riding another super sized super-pac check to influence the elections. $10 million on top of the $30 million he’s already donated to gingrich and romney super-pacs and expected to shell out up to $100 million. let me bring in the co-editor and founder of the conservative christian blog. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i know you were with the other conservatives that met at the hotel in las vegas this weekend. i wasn’t there but the sense —

>> which was fabulous by the way.

>> thank you. the sense i got from reading the reports on it was that there’s still a lack of genuine enthusiasm for mitt romney except as a vehicle for beating barack obama. do you think that’s a fair assessment?

>> well, there are — people who really love romney and romney-ites out there. for the most part, obviously, the conservative base didn’t support romney in the base. are very excited about defeating obama so that probably translates to, obviously, people not being so much for romney as against obama. that’s just a fact right now. i don’t know if it changes. it could change. that’s where it is right now.

>> what would have to happen for it to change?

>> i think, you know, romney says that he’s really converted over and he’s a true conservative and if that’s true we’ll see. over time. who’s he going to choose for the vice presidential pick? what policies to enunciate and put in it platform at the rnc platform.

>> but there’s a big skepticism you would say?

>> i think that amongst americans in general there’s a skepticism of any politician speaking. whether it’s obama or romney. if it’s a politician, you really have to double check to see if it’s true.

>> politico says the star of the show wasn’t there. we’re talking about scott walker who they describe, this is politico writing, as the standard by which activists plan to now judge all other republicans. do you agree with that? and if so, why?

>> i think to a certain degree that’s true. i don’t think every republican completely agrees with his tactics. some may think he’s too hard. i don’t. i think he did a great thing so i would say maybe 60% right.

>> one of the things you talked about is for convincing conservatives is who he picks for a running mate. there’s buzz about this right now because we have been talking in this hour about how he seems to be auditioning vp candidates traveling around the country on the bus tour. who would conservatives support? who would you like to see? i can speak for my wife and maybe some others but we like mark rubio a lot. i don’t like some of the — even some of those that i’ve heard about. tim pawlenty is to me just another political insider. so, i wouldn’t be thrilled too much about them. but, you know, i think mark rubio is probably the best pick. i would not want to see jeb bush, not another bush.

>> not another bush because — just because they’re a bush?

>> me personally i think the idea there’s a political family that every time you turn around one of them is running for something, i don’t like it.

>> bill collier, interesting conversation. thank you very much. we appreciate you taking the time.


Here is the MSNBC post of the video-

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