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Editor Bill Collier To Appear Again On MSNBC


By Paul Collier- Tioga Freedokist Editor Bill Collier is going to appear again on the Jansing and Company program at 10:30 AM on July 19, 2012.

Bill will be discussing Sarah Palin and what her role should be at the GOP convention this year in light of rumors that the Romney campaign is freezing her out of the convention.

Our national news site, is known for covering these types of stories and has been quoted from by major personalities including Mark Levine and Rush Limbaugh as well as other news outlets such as CBS News and Fox News. Bill was also the Community GovernanOuce Advisor for Team Sarah, a pro-Palin website and virtual community with almost 80,000 members and has met Sarah Palin.

Kross Publishing, the parent company of the Tioga Freedomist, also did virtual marketing and social media promotion for “The Undefeated”, a documentary about Sarah Palin.

Stay tuned at for a link to the video. A transcript of the interview will be available in the July 24th edition of The Tioga Freedomist.

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