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Joe Boden and and the progmedia moderator ganged up on Paul Ryan with interurrptions calculated by them both to censor what Ryan was trying to communicate. This was not a debate, this was an attempt to put Ryan up on stage and not let him talk while Biden and his progmedia ally tried to define him, and his party, with their own flat out lies and smears.

It’s hard to say this was a “debate”, Ryan was a weakling, he let the progmedia moderator walk all over him and he left too many wild Biden lies go unchallenged. But Biden and his progmedia moderator ally, who seems to be good personal friends with Obama, acted condescending, smirky, rude, and disrespectful: they demonstrated the utter fanatical hatred that progressives have for non-progressives and they exposed the reason why many see progressivism itself as an ideology of hate and intolerance.

This so-called debate was not won or lost. Biden and his progmedia ally won in the minds of their progressive supporters and those who directly benefit from progressive policies (unions, public workers, people on the dole) but they lost more respect from most everyone else. The moderator demonstrated that she is in fact a progressive shill and should turn in his “journalist” title once and for all. But nobody was shocked by this, it was expected.

Ryan was weak, although at times he pushed back hard, however he was respectful and calm, which may have been the safe road to travel but certainly didn’t make him memorable.