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Beating The Politocracy

Fighting The Godless Politocracy

  Politocracy- when politics is the center of life and when only the few control politics.

Once again we hear that “this is the most crucial election in this generation” and now “our top priority is to beat Obama, ANY of the GOP candidates is better than Obama” and let’s not forget the tried and true “we need to pick the candidate who is most likely to beat Obama.”

This is all about the RINOSTABLISHMENT (RINO Establishment are the blue bloods who use conservative rhetoric to win votes but who compromise on social issues and only really care about big money interests)! They want to stay IN POWER, even if that means Obama wins the next election, but they have to do their “duty” for the Politocracy by preventing, at all costs, a true FREEDOMIST from getting the nomination.

What’s a Freedomist?

A Freedomist is for the “Free Domain Of The People”, where politics plays a minor role in life and where the consensus of the People rules over Politics according to the values and interests of the People.

Forget the way the Politocracy talks about politics: they even dare to choose  colors for groups, as in the freedom-seekers are told their color is red and the freedom takers are told their color is blue. I am a true BLUE freedom seeker, blue is the color of Freedom, we ALL know that RED is the banner of freedom-takers!

They use terms like “liberal” to define freedom-takers, who are anything but “liberty” oriented, and “conservative” to define freedom-seekers who are NOT really trying to “conserve” an existing order that is built on Progressivism and the Rinostablishment.

The Rino-Progressive Politocracy is hoodwinking us into fits of national distraction, we are falling for the idea that “we MUST defeat Obama at all costs!” Meanwhile, whoever wins, the Politocrats in the unions, the media, academia, government, and Wall Street quietly split the profits from their endless Ponzi scheme while acting like opponents for the cameras.

Mitt Romney is a Rinostablishment candidate and a member of the Politocracy, his opposition to Obama is purely the competition we find among siblings, he saves his true ire for outsiders, the freedom-seeking opponents he faces in the Primary, namely Gingrich and Santorum. (The fact that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney do not attack each other MEANS something, and many suspect that Ron Paul is a quisling “patriot” who is willingly being used to siphon of the vote to help Romney).

But this is all just smoke and mirrors.

Whoever wins in November, we must remember that America’s Founders didn’t try to change London, they started their revolution for freedom by changing their Town Meetings- they used the governments they COULD control against the government they couldn’t control! They even built this thinking into our system of government, a confederal union (federalism) of coequal states which are in turn a federation of coequal local governments. The starting point for the American revolution was the Town Meeting, and it was the TOWNS, not the Colonies at first, that INITIALLY led the resistance to the Crown.

This is the path forward- and it is the quickest and easiest way to STOP the Politocracy, a path that we can take and have confidence in NO MATTER WHO WINS IN NOVEMBER!

Imagine knowing that we have a great way to stop this Politocracy in its tracks, using a method that can work in just a few months of at most a few years, to basically use the local governments we can control to confront and resist the state and federal governments that, at present, we cannot control?

HOW do we do this?

I’ll keep it simple- we start by doing three key things: we repent, we petition, and we gather.

We repent of the immorality of this nation, including its stance on abortion, and we pledge ourselves not to participate in these immoral acts, which includes not asking others to pay for the immoral choices of others.

That might sound odd to you, but we can’t expect that God is going to help us, and we need His help, if we don’t have clean hands ourselves. We also need to use this to raw a line in the sand between right and wrong- it’s wrong to murder the unborn, it’s wrong to force people to pay for the immoral choices of others, and it’s wrong for the government to despise the will of the People in the name of a godless progressive ideology!

Next, we need to petition.

We petition God first, asking Him to protect our freedom from all threats to our liberty and our independence. This is spiritual warfare and it is the basis of our whole approach, because this is a spiritual fight, not a political fight.

By taking this out of the political arena we move into territory where we have the advantage. The godless Politocracy can’t compete in the spiritual realm: they have dirty hands and wicked hearts, and they cannot have any petition they might ask from God.

After we petition God, we have to take our petition to our local officials. We have to make it visible to them that we expect them to do their duty, and we have to get them on record. We can do this by such devices as asking for a “Religious Freedom Month” proclamation, by asking local officials to sign a pledge making our community a “sanctuary for the Bill of Rights”, and by asking them to pledge themselves to not cooperate with any law or regulation that violates our freedom.

Whatever their answer, we take this to the People: we let them know who is with us and who isn’t and we ask them to pledge to only vote for local candidates who have taken a pledge to protect our freedom.

Finally, we gather regularly for mutual assurance and mutual support in the ongoing fight for freedom.

Gathering can involve starting a local freedom press, staging public events around the ideas of repent, petition, gather, and making social connections with people who mutually pledge to uphold one another’s welfare, rights, and possessions against al hazards.

This gathering part of the plan restores the Town Meeting- every citizen who agrees with upholding the liberty and independence of all the people in their community and who pledges to mutually support their fellow citizens in preserving their freedom is welcome, but ONLY such citizens.

This is how our Founders defeated their Politocracy in London- they repented to God for any sins and made sure they were right with Him, they petitioned God and their LOCAL governments and then their fellow citizens, and they gathered locally in their Town Meetings to continue the fight through thick and thin!

We need to stop playing the game by THEIR rules, we need to go back to the well of Freedom that our Founders dug, led by OUR brightest revolutionary mind, Samuel Adams!


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