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Author: W R Collier Jr

The Outing Of Sunshine Christians

It is supremely ironic to see a Christian lament the lack of love they think Christians have for non-believers, be they atheists, homosexuals, or Muslims, or what have you, while out of their same mouth they speak ill of fellow believers in a manner that far exceeds anything the target of their animosity has ever done. On one hand, these types of Christians will choose to ignore or have grace for seriously offensive action by the “victims” of “Christians”, but on the other hand they will apply a microscope to magnify every little error or wrong a Christian does and publish that to the world to “prove” that THEY are a better Christian than these “frauds.”

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Why I Choose Life

By Dora Collier NOTE: this was written by my wife, Dora, and posted on her facebook page. Today, my goal is not to convince you of anything; I don’t want to argue the debate; I don’t want to tell you what to do, but rather to share with you a story that has been with me my entire adult life. This is my story and I think we all have one to tell. For me, this story changed, I believe, the course of my life. I remember meeting my best friend, we had an instant bond and soon we were hanging out all the time.We grew up together and shared so many good and bad times. Boy, if I could tell all the things we experienced, you probably would not believe them. I was a quiet, cool headed, slow to jump, a problem solving person and my best friend was the polarized opposite: full of life,totally open, wild, fly by the seat of your pants, overly friendly, funny and a blast to hang out with. We were like fire and water together- Best Friends Forever. I will call my best friend Mary to keep her identity private. Mary loved a good party, a good dance, a good drink and not in that order. She was always the life of the party and everyone loved her. Though I did not...

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