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Author: Collier Brothers

The Roadblock to “Progress”- Freedom and Liberty

The Bill of Rights relies on individuals being free to choose and live virtue. The Progressive Bill of Rights relies on coercion to demand conformity to their concept of the collectivist virtue. The Bill of Rights is built on a need to be free to live out our faith, or not live out a faith at all. The Progressive Bill of Rights coerces us to follow a faith in collectivist man and the leaders of the evolving Collectivist expression of man’s perfection.

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Santorum kills Impeachment proceeding against Bill Clinton- conservative purity in name only exposed

Santorum South Carolina Primary- How Rick Santorum stopped the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton- Collier Brothers Rick Santorum tells South Carolina voters that he is the only conservative purist in the field, attacking Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney for being unreliable conservatives. Well, THE FREEDOMIST has already exposed Rick Santorum for his betrayal of a core conservative value, the right to work, the protection against Union thuggery. He is FOR right to work but NEVER votes for right to work legislation. He also endorsed Arlen Specter in his 1996 Presidential run, in 2004 against true conservative Pat Toomey, AND even endorsed Mitt Romney in his 2008 Presidential run. Well, worse than even his right to vote betrayal and his endorsements of RINOS and future democrats was the work that he did as a Senator in the Clinton years, when he and Trent Lott undermined the Senate efforts to bring Bill Clinton to trial after the House impeached him for lying under oath. That’s right, this pure conservative, who attacks like a tiny lap dog (see Thursday’s debate for a classic example of what an attack lap dog looks like when he nips at the heels of others), was instrumental, along with Trent Lott, in stopping the Clinton Impeachmment proceeedings, in rescuing Bill Clinton from facing a fair trial of his peers. This action should not be surprising to the...

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Crony Socialism Part Three- Meet The Medical Records Czar- Judy

Judy Faulkner, Medical Records Czar and Healthcare IT CEO of Epic Systems wants to control your records to make millions Written by- The Collier Brothers Judy Faulkner, Medical Records Czar, Healthcare IT, Obama Czar, Obamacare It seems like everything comes in threes. First Obama had the problem with Solyndra. Then he ran into a buzz-saw with Lightsquared. It all amounts to an EPIC Fail and “three strikes, you’re out!” Meet Judy Faulkner. She’s not your average Obama-anointed czar. Usually they just get a cushy job and the ability to network, which is pretty good while it lasts. Judy is better...

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