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Creating A New Civilization

William R Collier Jr.

Civilization is the highest form of human culture, including technology, styles, social norms, social conditions, and way of life as expressed in lifestyle, beliefs, art, social arrangements, laws, policies, and organizational/institutional structures and governance. A society that follows a culture whose norms inhibit technological advances or that are contrary to obersvable natural laws of cause and effect can hardly be called a civilization.

As more and more people consciously and unconsciously adopt a secular and hedonistic way of life, as permeates a Hollywood led popular culture, human civilization around the globe is in decline, losing its capacity for virtue and other moral and creative strengths and adopting practices and behaviors that are contra-indicated by observable laws of cause and effect.

In America and Western Europe, the process of losing our civilization to the vagaries of barbarism paraded as “Progressivism” is well under way. The wholesale and illogical rejection of virtue, morality, and faith go hand in hand with the deepening of a crisis of reason and identity which is making the very fabric of civil society come apart.

Our present culture cannot even muster up the fortitude to define the identity of the sexes, confusing the sexes and even the very nature of marriage itself.

Without the arts of virtue and reason to guide them, most unthinking individuals devolve into self-serving savages with no sense of any greater purpose but to fulfill their animal lust and no deeper thoughts than how to obtain the things needed to fulfill those lusts. Promise them joy without pain, benefits without cost, and pleasure without constraint and they will give up their intellectual and spiritual freedom with gladness.

This is the civilization we find ourselves in the midst of, a civilization that is losing its right to even be referred to as a civilization- a civilization fast turning into a savage and godless culture ruled from the top by cruel masters who thrive on lies, coercion, deceptions, manipulation, and exploitation.

While most people, most of the time, cannot see any possibilities outside of their own limited experiences and what the present popular culture says is possible, we are not slaves of the present civilization. We are not condemned by any logic, laws of cause and effect, or moral/ethical judgment to slavishly adhere to and go along with the doomsday lifestyle of this decadent civilization.

We have an opportunity to decide amongst ourselves whether and how to craft the lifestyle and social norms of a higher, spiritually empowered civilization. We cannot take any other course of action if, in fact, we do not want to suffer the inevitable negative side-effects that are visited upon savage godless cultures.

Do not for one second presume that following the godless savagery of this Progressive culture will provide anything but the most awful of consequences to you or your progeny. It is easier to escape the hold of gravity’s power than it is to walk in the way of godlessness and expect to escape its ultimate consequences for your life.

How can we craft the way of life and social norms of a spiritually empowered civilization, as opposed to simply going along with the savage godless culture in which we find ourselves?

This proves to be a group effort- it is self-evident that a new civilization is NOT an individual affair. If and when a small group, we believe as few as 100-200 families and some 200-500 adults, adopts a common way of life and value system rooted in shared beliefs and a shared identity, the seeds of an alternative civilization are “germinated.”

While an individual cannot create a new civilization, it might surprise the reader to learn that as few as around 300 adults and their families can constitute amongst themselves a self-contained and self-sustaining “culture” amongst themselves.

What the individual can do, however, is start the process of finding like-minded people who eschew the moral depravity and savagery of the present “Progressive” culture and from these draw a core of pioneers who wish to intentionally live and act together according to higher beliefs and values than the culture that surrounds them.

Until now the focus of improving things for individuals has relied heavily on mass change through political power, thus the reliance on the state. This has occurred because the present culture has abdicated almost all real decisive authority from individuals and their free associations to the state, forcing anyone who wishes to make or stop a change to either get political power or face failure in their efforts.

The alternative approach is different- it relies on a path towards independency through mutual assurance and support amongst people who intentionally create norms, standards, and cooperative associations based on a higher, spiritual civilization’s values, beliefs, and shared identity. In every possible way, the new idea seeks to organize activity, behavior, and relationships on a different basis while freeing its adherents from dependence upon the existing godless institutions.

Wherever and however and to whatever degree possible, the new idea seeks out ways to find living expression and manifestation amongst people who embrace it.

In whatever spheres or areas where the individual and their free associations still have the preponderance of power, the new idea takes root, while, at the same time, working to roll back and limit the control of the state in other areas that more properly belong in the sphere of individuals and their free associations.

The initial organizing of a few people, with the intent of establishing their own dispersed community of fellow travelers, is the very first “conception” phase for a potential new civilization.

While much of what will happen and what people will do in terms of building civilization together amongst themselves will emerge and cannot be managed, there are some fairly obvious and reasonable laws of cause and effect that must be observed intentionally during all building phases before the work can even begin. Without ANY kind of roadmap there is no guarantee of ever reaching the right destination, although too much planning leads to too little creativity and participation on the part of all those involved in the enterprise.

In short, while the present culture is becoming godless and savage we can choose to craft a lifestyle, norms, standards, and way of life based on shared beliefs and a shared identity that enables us to step outside of the orbit of this culture, and thus empowering us to escape its negative effects for ourselves and our progeny.