- A People-Powered Free Press And A Bill of Rights Initiative

The Great American Scam Job – If you are an Obama supporter who doesn’t actually want to make America a one-party police state, read this, if not, then don’t. For people who primarily get their news from TV entertainment or the progressive media pundits, a huge scam is being perpetuated. These people are being led to believe that Obama is a “nice” guy and that his Political Party “cares for the poor” while the opposition, the Republicans, only care for the rich. The decision about who should lead the government, the decision about government’s role in society, and the decision about the beliefs and values that should guide our laws and policies has been reduced, through careful manipulation, to what looks more like a High School popularity contest. People are literally voting for Obama because he “seems nice” and because they have been propagandized into seeing all non-Democrats as being greedy racist hate-mongers. Being too busy to even have time or energy to examine the facts and evidence for themselves they just fall back on the “image” their entertainers and new anchors portray in THEIR purely partisan “interpretation” of the facts: including ignoring certain facts that don’t help the progressive cause and inserting outright lies as “facts” where “necessary.” If you have not read both Party Platforms yourself and if you have not seriously asked yourself which reflects your values more then chances are you are being played for your vote. The Progressives don’t care one bit about you, their con is being run on a huge scale to make them look good even though they are greedy, dishonest, self-serving and, dare I say, godless and intolerant on the inside. They will tax you, they will corrupt your children and grandchildren, they will limit and eventually put an end to your religious freedom, they will so control your property that you won’t really own it anymore, and all the while the happy faces on your TV will praise your slaveholding masters while accusing those who want to liberate you of everything you can imagine. People who promise you anything other than protection of your rights, person, and property at the hand of government are only saying to you that government is superior to faith, to family, to community, to free enterprise, and your own free associations. If government thinks it is superior to these things it will inevitably be forced to outlaw or at least severely “regulate” these things until, in the end, all that is left at the center of your life is the state. Is that where you want to end up, with everything but the government itself under extreme regulation or even outlawed, all in the name of whatever snake oil these progressive con artists are trying to sell you? You might argue that this is not true, that I’m just being paranoid or I’m just trying to scare you. Go ahead, ignore my warning, vote for your own chains! I refuse to vote for my own enslavement, no gilded cage is worth the price of my own liberty, and no hand-out or utopian promise of being able to right every wrong and meet every need if only we give more money and power to the state is ever going to sway me. The choice between progressive bondage, in whatever shape or form it is dressed up in on my TV, and freedom, however it is maligned and smeared on my TV, is a no-brainer for me. I am not going to be scammed because Obama LOOKS better and “seems” nicer than Romney. I’m not voting for a guy who can hold a cool beer summit, I am voting for a Party Platform that doesn’t absolutely violate my moral and ethical convictions. I am not voting for my OWN benefit, I am voting for the freedom of ALL Americans during a time when, aside from foreign enemies who hate us, our own politicians and their utopian schemes are the greatest threat to our liberty, our safety, and our prosperity.