- A People-Powered Free Press And A Bill of Rights Initiative

William R Collier Jr

The ability of human beings to creatively engineer around problems by first imagining things that do not exist AS IF THEY DO is the fundamental means by which all human progress occurs. When people see things that are imagined and poke fun at them because it SEEMS that these things cannot ever exist they demonstrate simple small-mindedness. When people imagine things that, at present, seem quite impossible, even if they are desirable, only then can problems long held to be insurmountable be creatively engineered around.

The difference between fantasy and reality is often measured only by the degree of effort and skill applied to taking what is imaginative and creatively engineering whatever relationships, actions, structures, and ingredients are needed to make it a reality we can presently see, feel, touch, and experience. Pure fantasies are things that are actually impossible under any and all circumstances, like magic fairies or superheroes. As we learn more, however, we discover that yesterday’s fantasies can become tomorrow’s reality!

For those who are only comfortable living in “the art of the possible” (as presently defined), a journey to an imaginary place where the Freedomist vision truly prevails may be a roller coaster ride too frightening to endure.

The realistic dreamer knows, and accepts, that the achievement of even the most desirable of imagined outcomes is often limited in the here and now- they seek to ever prod others, moving them slightly beyond what exists, ever closer on the ragged edge between the “become” and the “becoming”, but always with the grand and glorious vision before them. To die without seeing that vision fulfilled is no tragedy, but to live with no greater vision than to survive is a great tragedy that is experienced by too many human beings.

The entire process of getting a vision we can imagine as a better reality and then creatively engineering around obstacles towards the fulfillment of that vision is “visioneering.” It is not enough to THINK about or imagine that vision, one must apply creative engineering right here and right now to make that vision more and more influential in reality.

While it seems admirable to defend the basic foundations of the American Constitution and to appeal to the wisdom of those who fought for a vision that defied the world-system of its day to forge something radically different, the more fundamental work of establishing, asserting, demanding, and defending what we see as our inherent liberty, security, sovereignty, and authority (our Freedom which comes from God) remains undone. It is as if we are limited to what has been said and done, instead of building upon, correcting, and going beyond 300 year-old knowledge.

Some are so crippled that they can barely say two original words without a reference to somebody else!

Freedomists do NOT base their stance for freedom on the past, although we would be fools to ignore the wisdom of previous generations.

We embrace a balance of four core ideals to guide and govern our ways and relationships, especially our shared sovereignty and authority, on the basis of a Biblical application of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and the Rule of law. These ideals are not open for debate, whoever does not agree with them, that is their right, but anyone or anything that tries to suppress our ability to live by them and practice them together is harming our Freedoms and makes us an opponent or even an enemy.

We accept it as an a priori fact beyond debate that:

1. We own freedom that comes to us as an unconditional gift from God as our source and not from men or governments and corporations, many of which have made themselves the enemies of Freedom

2. We all own Liberty to pursue godliness, self-reliance, and self-governance and Security through mutual support of our rights, persons, and property

3. We may ALL own three sovereignties (Natural, Covenant, Kingdom), including that which comes from natural law or “Citizenship”, that which comes from covenant bonds and relationships or “Regency”, and that which comes from the Kingdom of God among us (“Election”)

4. We all may practice the four authorities, being the Sacred and Social, the Civic and the Market Authority, within each of the three Sovereignties that we might possess, both as individuals and in cooperation with others

We also recognize our duty to exercise or support the five gateway skills for filling or supporting freedom creating offices- the Freedom Builder, the Freedom Czar, the Freedom Guardian, the Freedomist, and the Freedom Teacher.

The Freedom Builder creates and preserves liberty and security by their actions and organizational as well as governance skills.

The Freedom Czar watches against all sources of potential harm to freedom and warns people while showing them how to protect themselves.

The Freedom Guardian guides and leads people in the fight for freedom, especially against the Progressive war on freedom and rallies people to thbe Freedomist cause.

The Freedomist simply proclaims liberty and security to all and uses all available means to push out the Freedomist message and narrative. This is why our online news publication is called “The Freedomist”, although lots of individuals are Freedomists.

The Freedom Teacher imparts the principles as well as the theories and practices of Freedom to the People, stirring them to teach others and proclaim freedom to others.

We accept these tenets without question and we are not interested in debating whether or not we can or should seek to make all of these truths and principles the basis of our actions, relationships, or even our politics and our business practices.

You, the reader, will either say “I agree”, in which case we welcome you, or “I disagree”, in which case you are free to do so PROVIDED you do not deny us the kind of freedom we choose to pursue and practice, and both proclaim and teach together.

We are proclaiming Freedom, not offering an opportunity to debate whether or not or how we can be free! We know we can be free and how we can be free, we neither need nor want anyone to give us “permission” or “sanction” to be free amongst ourselves.

And so, as we “visioneer” a future where some form of Freedomist Commonwealth is the vision that most influences the present reality, we declare our sovereignty from God to live as free people together on the face of this earth!

(Note- you do not have to JOIN or subscribe to anything to be a Freedomist and this article, with full attribution and no edits, additions, or subtractions, may be freely used by those who wish to advance freedom)