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– Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH)
– Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)
– Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-IN)
– Conference Vice Chair, Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
– Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)
– Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX)


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Conference Chairman Mike Pence
Over the past six weeks I traveled all across the state of Indiana. I met with small business owners, family farmers, working families, and it’s clear the economic policies of this administration have failed. What I heard over and over again from everyday Hoosiers was that the policies of this administration have paralyzed small businesses in this country. Whether it be out of control spending, government mandated healthcare, the threat of a national energy tax, cap and trade, the possibility of tax increases in January, all of these policies are creating a paralysis in small business like really I’ve never seen in my lifetime.
And no single policy is having a greater effect on hindering job creation than the possibility of a tax increase in January.
Higher taxes won’t get anybody hired. Raising taxes on job creators won’t create jobs. And House Republicans will stand united to oppose any tax increase on any American in January.

Republican Whip Eric Cantor
Cutting taxes, cutting spending and creating jobs—it’s that simple. The people spoke last night in the elections that we saw, and that’s what this election is going to be about—it’s that simple.  

People are tired of politicians that are not living up to their obligations.  Not allowing tax hikes to occur and cutting the spending, that’s what we’re going to continue to focus on over the next three weeks and that’s what this election’s going to be about.
Conference Vice Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Well, after being home for several weeks, my big take-away was that the American spirit is still strong. Yes, people are struggling, small businesses have a lot of uncertainty and there are a lot of questions as to what’s happening in D.C. But people remain positive and they say, despite the difficult times, that “we are going to overcome.” But they do keep asking me, “Does anyone in D.C. get it? Is anyone listening to what is actually happening all across this country?” And for families, they understand that they have to live within their means, they have to make difficult decisions. Yet, Washington, D.C. politicians seem to think that borrowing and spending can lead to prosperity.
For small business owners, they understand that raising the costs of doing business, whether its tax increases or health care costs or new regulations, means that that’s less money that they can pay their employees and that these are job-killing policies. Yet, the Washington, D.C. politicians somehow think that these same small business owners are going to figure out how to pay these additional costs. Whether it’s families or small businesses, they’re saying that they can’t pay anymore and the threat of an increased tax on any American right now would further harm our economy. Our hope is that the Democrat leadership will start listening, that they’ll start joining in an effort that will actually help put people back to work and get our economy growing again.
Rep. Jeb Hensarling

Where are the jobs?  The Democrats have tried to spend their way into more jobs with the stimulus.  Three million of our fellow Americans have lost their jobs.  Unemployment hovers around 10%.  The Democrats have tried to ‘bailout’ their way into more jobs – serial bailouts of Fannie, Freddie, and UAW.  The list goes on.  Unemployment hovers at 10%, and three million have lost their jobs.
The Democrats have tried to borrow their way into more jobs: two deficits in a row over a trillion dollars, highest debt in American history.  Unemployment hovers around 10%.  Three million have lost their jobs.
Now Democrats want to try to tax their way into more jobs through a tax on small business and investors.  I don’t know if it is ideological blindness or economic incompetence, but the Democrats do not get it.  Republicans are united: ‘No tax increases on nobody.’  Now that may be poor grammar, but it is sound economics.  We demand on behalf of the American people, an up or down vote on tax relief – tax relief for all Americans.
Rep. Marsha Blackburn
We had a great August. A lot of great listening sessions. And I have a constituent who repeatedly said to me during August, “Marsha, I’ve got too much month left at the end of my money.” He is like a lot of Americans right now. They are taxed to the hilt. We Republicans believe that there should be no tax increase on any American at the stroke of midnight January 1, 2011 at 12:01. And we should not leave this town until we have made certain that the tax reductions, the Bush tax cuts are extended and that nobody is going to see a tax increase.

Republican Leader John Boehner

Good morning, everyone. Hope you all had a nice recess. Listen, the American people want to stop all the tax hikes and Republicans are going to continue to stand with them.

Raising taxes on anyone, especially small businesses, is the exact wrong thing to do in a struggling economy. Economists agree and a growing number of Democrats agree. If we’re serious about helping our economy this month, we need to stop the tax hikes and we need to cut spending. Let’s cut spending back to 2008 levels, back before the bailouts and the stimulus and all the nonsense. It would save about $100 billion in the first year.

I’ve asked Speaker Pelosi to work with us on this two-point plan and have an open and fair debate so that the American people can speak. We don’t need to be closed out of this process, Democrats and Republicans. We don’t need to have some closed rule. We need to have an open and fair debate on the floor of the House. And if the Speaker is willing to do that, I’m confident that the American people will speak and we’ll be able to cut spending and continue the current tax rates.