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Month: June 2017

Book Review- Churchill, Roosevelt & Company by Lewis E Lehrman

Churchill, Roosevelt & Company: Studies in Character and Statecraft By William R. Collier How, and why, did the US enter the war against the Nazis and come to the rescue of Great Britain? Lewis E. Lehrman richly unpacks the whole story, centering around the “special relationship” between America and Great Britain. That relationship was born from a personal relationship between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, as well as between the men surrounding these titanic figures. Lewis E. Lehrman applies scholarly yet lucid treatment to complicated relationships. Lehrman is a holder of the National Humanities Medal, one of America’s most...

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STRAIGHT STORY: US Navy Destroyer Rammed

News incorrectly says “US Destroyer rammed Philippine Cargo ship”. The cargo ship has damage to its port  bow, the destroyer has damage to the starboard amidship. Clearly, the cargo ship did the ramming. It came from behind on the starboard side and hit the Destroyer at an angle, glancing off its port bow and evidently continued forward and separated from the Navy ship. The incident is off Japan. The merchant was en route to Tokyo. At around 2:30 AM the ACX Crystal reported a collision with the US Destroyer. 2 sailors were injured, including the captain. The captain was...

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