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Month: May 2017

Are Conservatives Losers?

Are we conservatives losers who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by our constant navel gazing and self-critique even in the face of an all-out assault on our legitimacy by the Progressives? We see with the wanton and egregious attacks on Donald J. Trump that conservatives are ill-equipped intellectually and morally to stand strong. The conspiracy theorists would argue, “The witch hunt against the duly elected President is nothing short of an effort to literally conduct a coup against the voters. The aim to is to place a globalist puppet in the White House to continue the globalist...

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The Blueprint To Save America?

Bill Collier- Democracy, Churchill claimed, was a terrible form of government, but all the other forms were worse. But if you consider such factors as longevity, stability, peace, and relative stability, democracy is in fact at least no better than other forms of government and probably worse in some ways. As HL Mencken said, every election is an advance auction on stolen property. The flaw of democracy is that it basically becomes the majority “eating” the minority and power is won by giving things away through excessive taxes and sent spending, which the politician himself of herself is not accountable for.  America is in crisis, but few realize that this is an existential crisis which will eventually result in a failed state, if history is our guide. There is not much good to say about our trajectory- we are being overrun by foreign IDEAS that fundamentally oppose our national identity and values, we are digging a debt hole from which escape may soon be impossible, we are morally and spiritually corrupting our children, we are destroying the fabric of society, which is the family led by a natural mother and father, and of course our political decision-making process is corrupted and torn, incapable of making hard choices with any kind of speed. History says that when a society reaches this point it must either rebuild a new foundation based...

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Day One In Israel

The journey through the Holy Land begins. Of course it is amazing. We are at an undisclosed location, we don’t want to give away details of the hosts or where exactly they live. But we are sitting as dawn comes over Mount Zion at a place of historical battle, from ancient of days perhaps King David himself looked up this mountain here before commanding the attack on the old Jebusite city of Jerusalem. In 1948-49 this was where the battle lines were drawn between Israel and Jordan. In 1967, this was from whence an attack occurred liberating the Old City and East Jerusalem from the Jordanians. It a place of history, of battle, and pilgrimage.   The most persecuted group in the Holy Land are the Palestinian Christians, as Palestinians they are not favored by the Jews and as Christians they are hated by the Islamists. Today, they live mostly in an underground state of they are converted to Christianity. This morning we awoke to the Muslim call to prayer. It sounds beautiful in its own way, but for some it is a reminder of the division, and of the unresolved conflict. Muslims and Jews, and to some extent Christians, claim the Holy Land, but Muslims today are dominated by the idea of a Muslim only land, bereft of Jews and Christians. Thus, a holy call to prayer, and...

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The Freedomist Returns To Its Activist, Conservative Roots

The management of The Freedomist is now the responsibility of Regal Blue Media, owned by one of the founders and the Publisher of the Freedomist since 2008. As the other entity is being retired, this became necessary, though the partners continue to be committed to working together in other ventures, especially internet marketing and other services. My name is Bill Collier and I will become the Publisher and Director of what will be a Freedomist Community and network of blogs and websites run by and for “Freedomists”, people who are dedicated to the upholding the spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights and freedom rooted in virtue, liberty, and independence. We also promote the UPDR Ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law as a core governance and lifestyle discipline. In short, we are going to transition back to a more freedomist activation community, with conservative news and content, including hosted blogs, possibly yours. This will take time. Some of our future projects could include: 1. User blogs with a focus on freedom building issues, especially expertise regarding different subjects and watchdog journalism from a conservative perspective 2. Freedomist forums and groups  for freedom builders to connected and collaborate and share insights regarding current events 3. A Freedomist Simulated Government with sim officials shadowing actual Federal officials and offices and reporting to a...

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Steeped In History, Israel Is An Eternal Homeland

William R Collier Jr- If you look in the Book of Revelation, in chapter 22, you find that nations exist, and kings. It says all the kings of the nations cone to Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Israel are the only homeland mentioned in the New Heavens and the New Earth, and the location of this homeland has already been eternally set.  Israel is an eternal homeland, at least for Christians and Jews, and even to some extent to Muslims, which is the one piece of land God reserves into Himself for His exclusive use. It is sort of like a tithe of all the land of this earth unto God.  But Israel is a land in turmoil, caught between competing and warring factions including Muslims, Christians, and Jews, but also between factions among them, all buying for preeminence. And yet, in the end, the land belongs only to God, and not to man, and who He lets in, is who He lets in. One group often overlooked are the Samaritan Israelite people, who number only around 800 souls. These peopke are rooted in the land, they claim to be descendents of Israel, the 10 tribes, and their High Priest claims to be a direct descendent of Aaron himself. Accused of not being Israelites by the Jews, who claimed they were Assyrian settlers, the irony is that if you want to...

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