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Month: May 2016

Neither Trump Nor The Nevertrumpers Represent Conservatism

Not since 1984 has the Republican Party nominated an actual true-blue conservative candidate for the Presidency. And not since the Contract With America has the Republican Party advocated and pushed for a solid conservative agenda. The notion that the GOP or its nominees and elected officials is the face of conservativism is false. This notion seems to ignore the fact conservativsm itself was launched quite outside of and in spite of the Republican Party itself. Meanwhile, the nevertrump leadership consists of an alliance of pro-open borders and illegal amnesty psuedo-conservatives and feckless but sincere conservatives who don’t recognize the true nature of our real enemy. Today people like Mitt Romney and the Bushes are bitterly opposing the candidacy of one Donald J. Trump. And they are doing so on the grounds that he does not represent the Party’s values or conservatism. Suddenly the very people who sought to discard the social conservative agenda and water down the fiscal conservative agenda through backroom deals with liberals are interested in “purity.” We see Paul Ryan, a failed Speaker of the House whose own conservative bona fides are virtually nil, struggling with endorsing Mr. Trump and demanding Trump prove his own fidelity to some allegedly conservative agenda which Ryan himself has betrayed. In fact, one suspects that what Paul Ryan REALLY wants is for Trump to convert to his own open-borders, illegal...

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Ceasefire in Aleppo Announced by US and Russia

Paul Collier- The U.S State Department has announced a ceasefire to take effect in Aleppo, Syria.  The State Department added that the US and Russia had reached an agreement to bring about “a cessation of violence in Aleppo and surrounding areas. The talks have been going on for weeks, ending on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2016.  According to State Department spokesman Mark Toner, the violence, while it has somewhat dissipated, continues.  He said of the violence, “Attacks directed against Syria’s civilian population can never be justified, and these must stop immediately,” Toner said in a statement Wednesday. “Our objective remains, and has always been, a single nationwide cessation of hostilities covering all of Syria — not a series of local truces.” The UK Ambassador to the UN, Matthew Rycroft stated, “This council has an obligation to the people of Aleppo.  We have an obligation to show that we are working for their protection; that we are trying to find that elusive political settlement that will end this war.” More significantly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, on Tuesday, that Russian and US officials would be “looking at the same maps” when they monitor activity to confirm the carrying out of the ceasefire. “They will be analyzing proposals, and they will work together to make sure that any violations are nipped in the bud. Probably this is a major step forward...

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Rick Renzi, the Symbol for the Evils of Lawfare

Paul Collier- A little known case by many is broiling in Arizona that, even though you’ve never heard of it or the man at the center of it, has a significant impact on the liberty you believe you possess in America today.   This is a case of liberal lawfare being waged against our political freedom. I was already familiar with the case revolving around former Congressman Rick Renzi. However, as I began to look at the issue, I was appalled that this story was not receiving further coverage among conservative, including conservative media and conservative activists. It is a clear-cut case of lawfare. THIS CASE IS REALLY IMPORTANT and I hope to convince you, the reader, that you should consider supporting the cause not only for this political prisoner, but to start the fightback against liberal lawfare which is being waged against our freedoms. The trial and incarceration of former Congressman Rick Renzi is a blatant case of lawfare that, sadly, the conservative movement has utterly failed to stand against. While the liberals rally behind cop killers and Hillary Clinton’s legendary lack of ethic, the conservative movement seems blissfully unaware that a conservative champion was literally thrown in jail on spurious grounds to silence hm. You can dig into the particulars HERE but the long and short of it is that prosecutors used loopholes in the interpretation of the...

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The End of Ted, A Post-Op Analysis

Guest Post by Ralph Benko-  Friend of The Freedomist, Ralph Benko, wrote a provocative post-op analysis about the now de facto victory of Donald Trump in the GOP nomination race after the results of Indiana.  In his post-op analysis, he reveals the central problem conservatives have in general in winning the public opinion debate  They mistakenly believe that a good debate will win hearts and minds when, in reality, hearts and minds are won through emotions, which can only be reached through a good narrative.  As Ralph says, “Arguments win arguments. Narratives win votes.” Here is the article by Ralph Benko: How Donald Trump Beat Ted Cruz What happened in Indiana is not likely to stay in Indiana. Presidential campaigns are a genre of nonfiction. Here is how Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz in Indiana and became the GOP nominee. To appropriate the words of editorial titan Sean Coyne, it was a Big Idea. Trump’s Big Idea: Make America Great Again!  Doubling down, Trump declared in his recent first major foreign policy speech: Our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction. In contrast, Ted Cruz focused on what Coyne calls building blocks. He commandeered delegates, announced a VP appointment, criticized a Trump endorser, attempted to paint Trump as a member of the elite, and so forth. I’ve often praised Cruz for offering the best equitable prosperity platform...

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The Conservatives Lost- It’s Time To Fight Back

By Bill Collier- We are at a point where a conservative cannot win the Republican primary. The Republican Party has not favored conservatives ever and has never really been a conservative party, at least in modern history. The truth is the leaders of the conservative movement have utterly failed- that is an objective fact. The people who claimed to be leading the Tea Party, the people who led the legacy conservative organizations, and conservative politicians within the GOP have collectively failed to win the battles that they needed to win. We cannot win with “the next Reagan”, that ship...

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